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Leica Stuff

A Nikon D800/D800E is not a Leica S2. But it also costs about $10K for a very nice kit with Zeiss lenses, compared to $50K for an equivalent Leica S kit. There are a lot of Leica S2 bodies showing up for sale. I wonder why. Oh well, I had the S discussion with Leica 18 months ago. I have Served.

But that’s just the beginning. If we don’t see a 50-megapixel or more full-frame DSLR within a year, well then I promise to drink Chardonnay instead of Cabernet once or twice. Which might reduce my spelling eerrors.

Meanwhile, Leica wants $8K for a Leica M Monochrom camera body, with no lens. Wait— I can get a good 50/2 for $7200. OK, problem solved, I’ll just sell one of my kidneys on a trip over to China.

Earth to Planet Leica: make your money on your world-class lenses, and stop charging the price of a good used car for a camera with a shitty 2005 LCD that is inferior to a $129 point and shoot camera LCD. WTF. Still, I want an M Monochrom (great idea to omit that 'e'). It’s just that the retro LCD really irks me. I want leather to smell like leather, not a diaper, if you know what I mean. Especially for $8K. Maybe Leica got confused on the Euro vs US$. Or maybe there is a stock of those vintage LCDs that needs to be used up, or maybe that’s part of the Leica mystique to have a low-res display, heck maybe they should just omit a display. Oh well, I’m such a whiner.

PS to Leica: please send me the press release BEFORE I read about it on (I did ask a month ago).
PPS to Leica: I’ve helped sell a ton of your gear. Would be nice to see the Leica M Monochrom before 20 other reviewers.

Scott M writes:

When I read the specs of the M-M, it struck me that putting a
*sapphire* cover over the same old 230,000 dot monitor (when they had a chance to upgrade it without pissing off M9 owners by introducing it in a "new" model) is evidence that either:

a) the guys at Leica have a somewhat warped sense of humor, or
b) the guys at Leica have little respect for their customers' intellect, or
c) the guys at Leica exist in a different world to all other camera
designers and users.

Either way sticking with this screen is, as they say on Facebook, an "Epic Fail".

The specs and MTFs for the new Summicron look amazing... but the
price... eye-watering. Which leads me back to a), b) and c) - though
at least if this is really the ultimate normal lens it ought to be
actually *worth* something (unlike the sapphire cover over the LCD).

DIGLLOYD: The LCD screen can be a serious aid for serious photography. But not at 230K pixels and not when zooming produces a badly enlarged image anyway, which it does on the M9.

Alfred writes:

Well said, even with spelling errors ...

I threw in the Leica M towel yesterday. Enough is enough. Not buying the MM ... D800E plus SFX-2 = magic, comfortable, fast, versatile, rugged, "cheap" magic.

The only good news to me, being the owner of ALL H-Lenses was the fully functioning adapter for the S-System. First because I thought it must be possible to manufacture one, second because now, with hopefully a 60Mp S-3 coming, I can re-use some of my gear and complete where Leica Lenses do make a huge difference.

DIGLLOYD: [SFX-2 = Nick Filters Silver EFX 2] When Leica M fans with a closet of Leica gear say such things about Leica M, Leica had better pay attention.

Leica S customers do have some things to celebrate. But it’s hard to justify buying a new Leica S body at 36MP.

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