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Upgrade the memory of your 2018 Mac mini up to 64GB

D800 / D800E / 5DM3 and Lexar 64GB SDXC Card = “For”

UPDATE 2012-08-19: latest (replacement) Lexar Compact Flash and SDXC cards are working flawlessly for me in the D800E.

See also the Toshiba Exceria Pro.


Lexar Professional Compact Flash and SDXC
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Behavior: the D800 blinks “For” (format).

Format the card, and the camera just continues to blink “For”. The Canon 5D Mark III cannot format the card either (“replace the card”).

I tried formatting the card in the computer via an SD card reader, but this hung, so after a few minutes I gave up.

I like the Lexar cards, but I suppose nothing is perfect— I’ve never had a card go bad like this before, so I’ve sent an inquiry to Lexar.

UPDATE: Lexar has replaced the card. I will put the replacement to use.

Reader Chris M writes:

Interesting that this happened with you and and a SD card. I have the exact same problem with my similar 400x CF 32gb card.

It started happening just last week when I took out my D700. I don't know for certain whether this card ever touched my D800E, but I suspect it hasn't. I can't confirm that though.

Sounds like Lexar might have needed some better QC.

DIGLLOYD: I am still waiting to hear something from my Lexar contact.

Roger L writes:

Same issue here with Lexar 1000x 32 Gb CF. Worked fine when the card arrived. Moved the files off the CF card onto a Macbook Air and there was an error when I tried to open one of NEF files.

So formatted the card in the D800; it took basically no time to format, but then kept blinking D800. Wouldn't format on my D700 or on a PC or Mac machine either. Really frustrating, sent the card back for a refund.


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