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Canon EOS 1D X: Pattern Noise at ISO 100 (Grill)

Following up on yesterday’s Canon 1D X pattern noise example (picnic table), I’ve posted another Canon 1D X pattern noise at ISO 100 example (grill), also at ISO 100, this time showing the histograms as well as the RGB and individual R/G/B channels at 50% of actual pixels (linear) for +0, +1 and +2 stop push variants.

Canon 1D X at ISO 100 with +2 stop push, red channel

Alan M writes:

Thanks for 1D X review so far.

I am sure Canon shooters, as I am, will be disappointed in the results on noise.
At this point, it would help if you could shoot comparatively with the 1D X and the Nikon equivalent .

This will show us just how fare off the money the 1Dx is. Any positive feedback would also be welcome.

Do you recall the fairly brief but positive review you gave the 1D4. How does the 1DX quality compare with the 1D4 and the 1Ds3 (still my favourite camera).

DIGLLOYD: Noise at high ISO and pattern noise are two entirely different things, my views should be quite clear on that in the review.

The Canon 2-month delay in shipping the 1D X threw my plans into disarray, and the defective Canon 1D X card door is another hassle (return and wait for another).

The Nikon D4 is the Canon 1D X equivalent, but at this time I have no intention of re-renting the Nikon D4, as interest in the 1D X has now been proven to be low. Also, as shown in the ISO series, up to about ISO 6400 the Canon 5D Mark III sensor is a solid match for the 1D X, both have pattern noise at low ISO, and the 5D Mark III has already been compared to the D800E and Leica M9. I think it's already shown and clear that the 1D X distinguishes itself at very high ISOs, and is thus the Canon camera to have for such uses and/or for when pro build and frame rate is desired.

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