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2024-03-04 09:44:43
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Followup on Leica S2 Pricing

I few weeks ago, I wrote Prices Plummet on Some Leica Bodies, upsetting at least one reader, who called it “disturbing and out of character for your blog”. Well, I intend to Serve my readers whenever I hear from multiple sources what I deem reliable intel. I want to save my readers money, to have them get the best gear they can at the best price.

Today, I received a report from a UK reader that prices on S2 gear are down about 20%. In particular, a new S2 with the 70mm f/2.5 is now about the same price as the S2 alone. Which makes me think I was not too far off the mark in my July 20 “plummet” comments. The new pricing is entirely consistent with what I heard over here in the USA back in July. Or, it could be UK only— I don’t know as yet. So I stand by my statement that Leica S2 bodies are likely to head towards the $8 mark or lower by year’s end. Maybe it will be $8K or maybe it will be $10K, but the point is that now is not a good time to pay full fare on a Leica S2 body.

The Leica S lenses are without a doubt the world’s best commercially available lenses that every gear slut should drool over, so this might be an opportunity (soon) for those looking to get into the best 'glass' to obtain a body that is far more reasonably priced than US $23K or so.

Leica S2 36-megapixel DSLR

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