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Analysis of Sony RX1 Press Release

Sometimes a press release just needs a little analysis (from the greek “anal” (you know what that means), and “ysis” = to pull from).

OK, so for you types who got upset with me on the last such flippant post, stop reading right here. Seriously. For delinquents only from here on out. SKIP TO THE SERIOUS STUFF.

I speak of this little Sony gem, no doubt written by a very talented middle school student with a very brown nose. Is it real, seriously? It’s so bad (or good), I’m not even sure!

Select excerpts and commentary follow.

ExmorTM CMOS sensor with approximately 24.3 effective megapixels for flawless, detail-packed photos and Full HD video

That Exmor stuff has me all hot and bothered, and Full HD video makes me salivate, since it has only been done 500 times before. And flawless images? I’ve been messing around for years without any success, so this sounds HOT. But I am really bothered here— is it 24.30 megapixels or 24.32853 megapixels? I hope all the pixels are effective, because the ineffective ones might make for less than flawless images. Dang, that has me worried, the camera might really suck, depending on those particulars.

Intuitive manual controls with aperture and focus mode dial.

I am SO glad I can control the aperture. It’s just too hard when it’s missing.

New Multi Interface Shoe compatible with optional flash, electronic viewfinder, optical viewfinder and clip-on LCD monitor.

Sony announces the launch of the new full frame compact digital camera Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 which allows photo enthusiasts to explore the creative 1 Among compact digital still cameras. According to Sony research, as of September 12, 2012. 1 possibilities of full-frame imaging with a compact digital camera that fits easily in the palm of a user‟s hand.

Thank God. I would really miss the weight of my D800E. Can’t wait to overload that donkey cart with 500 pounds of crap. But I need bigger palms, darn it.

The extraordinary new Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 from Sony realises the dream of photographers everywhere.

I’ll change my Sony Style sheets in the morning. That Cyber-shot thing is HOT. Especially with that cool hyphen in it.

In a world first(1) for digital compact cameras, the Cyber-shot RX1 features a 35mm full-frame ExmorTM CMOS sensor.

Translation: we’re the only company that makes Exmor (we make that stuff up), which gives us the right to brag about it. Which is why that little (1) footnote is needed, to cover ourselves since making stuff up is risky. According to the analysis of our lawyers.

Complementing the full-frame sensor is a fast, bright Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* lens with a fixed focal length of 35mm – a versatile choice for portraits, street photography and everyday shooting.

Except that at f/2 and f/2.8, it isn’t so fast. And versatile it ain’t, since it’s the only lens the camera can use.

Derived from the German word “Sonne” (“sun”), the Sonnar name reflects the ability of the lens to capture as much light as possible.

This premium lens features newly designed optics including an Advanced Aspherical (AA) glass element. This contributes to the camera’s extremely compact palm-sized dimensions while keeping extremely high performance of the lens.

It’s f/2. Leave it at that. Then there are the bogus (see “analysis”) MTF charts, which do not correspond to anything but my wet dreams.

A Macro switching ring on the lens barrel instantly shortens minimum focusing distance to just 20cm (from image plane), making the Cyber-shot RX1 ideal for capturing small close-up subjects with exquisite detail.

This is SO cool. I, like, don’t have to reboot it or anything, it just can focus closely by a switch? This stuff HAS to be patented. 20cm? OMG. Wait, why do I need a switch at all?

Data from the ExmorTM CMOS sensor is handled by the evolved BIONZTM engine that also powers full-resolution burst shooting at up to 5 frames per second.

Holy cow! Will definitely change my sheets tomorrow morning, that BIONZ(TM) thing just makes me SWOON.

Despite the camera‟s extraordinarily compact dimensions, photographers are offered a virtually limitless palette of options for creative expression.

The Cyber-shot RX1 offers a full range of manual control modes, just as users expect from a no-compromise DSLR camera.

What is full manual except shutter speed and aperture? Gotta love that palette of moron modes so I can have automatic creativity.

As a further enthusiast-oriented touch, there’s a memory recall (MR) mode that allows storage and instant recall of up to three sets of camera settings.

Arggghhh, I can only count to two and I have a hard time going past just one.

There’s a full complement of PASM exposure modes to give photographers absolute creative flexibility during video shooting.

Awesome. What is PASM?

Artistically ambitious photographers can fine-tune images with a choice of 13 Creative Styles, plus a wide range of inspiring PC-free Picture Effect treatments.

This is so cool. My pictures have always sucked, but the camera now FIXES all that.

The Cyber-shot RX1 is accompanied with a range of dedicated optional accessories to enhance the camera experience. The Optical Viewfinder (FDA-V1K) adds functionality with Zeiss optics. Also available are an Electronic Viewfinder (FDA-EV1MK), exclusive Jacket Case (LCJ-RXB), Lens Hood (LHP-1) and a Thumb Grip (TGA-1) for sure, comfortable handling.

Ooooooohhhhhh, the FDA-V1K and FDA-EV1MK makes me swoon. So stylish! But the pierced nose carry-strap and skull-mount virtual reality option are sadly lacking.

Translation: profit margin is seriously enhanced by customers paying for stuff we should have included, but did not, because the camera is already half the price of braces for kids, and that’s Very Bad. Those kids get all the money and we at Sony get diddly squat.

The Cyber-shot RX1 comes preinstalled with PlayMemories Home (Lite Edition) software, allowing easy image transfers to a PC for managing, editing and printing. Available for free download, a full version of PlayMemories Home adds movie editing and disc burning.

I have a Mac, but this sounds SO useful I’ll have to sell it. That PlayMemories gig is so COOL in a $2800 camera. But why not charge $500 for it? It sounds killer. Can I PLEASE buy the Heavy™ version?

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