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Video Quality of Nikon D4 and D800

My eyes told me that Nikon D4 and D800 video is garbage in terms of what 1080p ought to be (I can’t stand to look at it), and this I documented the poor D800/D800E/D4 video quality some months ago.

I vastly prefer the Olympus E-M5 video, which as a practical matter is far superior not just in detail but in image stabilization.

I saw this today on The Problographer, which quote from BBC:

[Nikon D4] Even though the sensor has 16.8 million photo-sites, it achieves only about 1,355×764, only a little better than 1,280×720. Noise levels are very low, and the camera could be acceptable with ISO settings up to 6,400. Coloured spatial aliasing is present, and is clearly visible even on the camera’s LCD display (921k pixels, about 1,176×784). In theory, meticulous control of the shooting style can minimise this, by using only motivated

[Nikon D800] Video performance is not really acceptable at 1080p, much less so at 720p. Even though the sensor has 36.8 million photo-sites, it achieves only about 1,355×764, little better than 1,280×720.

Now time lapse 1080p video from the D800/D800E is quite another matter.

Rainy Pool With Trout (time lapse)
Time lapse video from Nikon D800E + Zeiss 15mm f/2.8 Distagon
Video comparison: FX and DX for Nikon D4, Nikon D800, Nikon D800E, Canon 5D Mark III

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