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Canon CN-E Cine Lenses

It would be interesting to try any of the Canon CN-E prime lenses (about $5000 for each Canon CN-E prime):

My main interest would be optical quality, but James S (see comment below) seems to think the are the same optical design as the existing Canon EF 24/1.4, 50/1.2, 85/1.2L II, possibly with improved coatings. If true, this would mean that like Zeiss CP2, one is paying for the construction.

The specs indicate that the CN-E primes can be used for still photos, but with a stepless aperture. I would expect very high performance even wide open.

  • EF Mount Prime Designed for Cine-Use
  • For Canon C-Series and Full-Frame DSLRs
  • 11-Blade Rounded Diaphragm
  • Stepless and Manual Diaphragm Ring
  • 300˚ Barrel Rotation
  • Superb Available Light Performance
  • Strong Bokeh and Circular Highlights
  • Supports 4K Recording Quality
  • Swaps Easily with 24 and 85mm Relatives

The Canon CN-E 50mm T1.3 L F Cine Lens is an EF-mount standard-width lens for Canon's C-series cinema cameras, for full-frame EOS DSLRs, and for any video-capable cameras that accept EF-mount lenses.

The aperture is a fast 1.3 and lets you get superior shots in low light. The diaphragm is made up of 11-blades and is as round as can be, and along with the fast aperture it can produce impressive bokeh and beautiful circular highlights. The diaphragm ring is stepless, is super-smooth, and is fully manual, even when used with a DSLR, offering evermore accurate handle.

The CN-E 50 was released with two complementary relatives -- the CN-E 24mm and CN-E 85mm. All three lenses share the same front diameter, form factor, optical design, placement of gear rings, and mechanical construction. Because of the identical characteristics, one lens can be swapped with another easily, even when geared accessories are involved.

A cinema lens with a precise 300˚ barrel rotation and a very rounded 11-blade diaphragm
For Canon's C100, C300 and C500, for full-frame DSLRs, and for any video-capable cameras
Features sharp optics capable of 4K-quality recording and a fast aperture that does great in low light.

James S writes:

To the best of my (admittedly limited) knowledge, the CNE primes are Canon's answer to the Zeiss CP2's--nothing but the stock EF L designs in a cine lens housing.

The only optical difference I've heard anyone talk about is coatings. CNE's allegedly have multicoating at every air-glass interface, but given how cheap they are, I'd take that with a grain of salt.

DIGLLOYD: well, I've now seen video with both, and it does look like the CN-E lenses are a real step up in image quality (contrast and flare). But I have not made any comparison myself as yet.

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