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A Reader Dislikes Sony NEX-6

Eric W writes:

Sony NEX-6 is the worst thing ever.... for no reason, the menu system is appalling... I can’t wait to return it.

DIGLLOYD: this is totally unfair, but I had exactly the same feeling.

Cameras are tangible objects and have to feel right to the person using them.

NEX never did that for me. I haven’t bought NEX of any model for that reason (NEX-7, NEX-5, NEX-6). And I never liked the lens choices either. Maybe next year Sony will bring us a NEX that changes the appeal for me.

The Crapware for Cameras aspect is a proxy for the camera as a whole, though it’s only one indicator. I don’t think it happens in a vacuum all by itself, but it’s a contributing confustication.

Richard writes:

Sony is a company that is Black and White in everything they do, that is to say that in one single item they manage to put some very tantalizing amazing features that everyone would want, but at the same time put in the most stupid rule/operation or feature that is unfathomable. The NEX line is certainly one of these prime examples. Point: my NEX 5n has a super fast exp bracketing feature(10 fps), Good. The bracketing only changes by 2/3 of a stop either way, Bad.

I would say to Eric though, to look at the potential of the huge variation of old, manual and vintage lenses you can purchase and use on the line of NEX cameras. Pretty much anything made in the 35mm range right down to C mount cine lenses with appropriate adapters. The lenses can be of very high quality or very interesting for little outlay of money. Working manually can also bring back a lot of enjoyment back to your photography as well. Sony though is defiantly a love/hate company.

DIGLLOYD: Yes. And with the Metabones SpeedBooster, lens performance with full-frame lenses is enhanced.

Dan P writes:

I am not very sure what is the point of "A Reader Dislikes Sony NEX-6". It really does not bring any new information to the attentions of the reader.

Yes, the guy is ranting that the NEX menu system is too complicated for him. As a NEX 7 user I was able to successfully configure my camera to a point where I am very comfortable using it daily.

Sony came out recently with a couple of interesting lenses - the 10-18mm and the 35mm and I would have been very curious to hear your opinion about them. Plus all the new e-mount Zeiss lenses announced for this year...

I greatly enjoyed your 35mm shootout. At some point in time I had both the Nikon and the Zeiss 35mm f1.4. My Nikon sample is outstanding. To be able to make use of the full resolving capabilities for the Zeiss I had to use a tripod. I gave up after a while and sold the Zeiss.

DIGLLOYD: The “no new information” comment speaks to a premise that the sum total “feel” of a camera has no relevance, when in fact it is critically important. When I pick up a camera, it’s a camera, not a checklist. That reader comment thus captures a sentiment that might or might not be the same for others (consider something as basic as the size of one’s hands relative to the camera. Or the types of shooting and lenses used).

In general, what distinguishes one camera of a similar class from another these days as more important than anything? Usability, ergonomics, and lens choices. So many cameras get into a similar “ballpark” of image quality that the right choice can depend very much on physical factors and lens choices for specific types of shooting.

NEX-7 is not NEX-6. Of all the NEX bodies, I like the NEX-7 the best. It has to do with size and controls and heft and feel. And 16 is not 24 megapixels. And image quality is not ergonomics and vice versa. Sentiment/reaction has value, while checklists of features have no relevance other than how they can be used in practice. Crapware for Cameras is a proxy for general usablity. See also Five Appealing Cameras.

I stand by my statement that NEX in general has not crossed the appeal threshold for me on ergonomics and camera feel and lens choices, but certainly the image quality of NEX-7 is very nice and it is the best of the lot in ergonomics. And in 2013 the lens choices should expand nicely.

Comments about one aspect of a camera should not be generalized to other aspects. But a camera cannot be used in pieces, hence sentiment (from a reader) and overall net reaction are fair game because that’s what one actually has to work with.

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