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How Big Can Sigma DP Merrill Print?

How well does a 14.75 megapixel image Sigma DP2 Merrill image print?

Just back is a ~40 X 26 inch gallery wrap canvas print with gloss finish made by Picture Element from the Sigma DP2 Merrill image shown below (no saturation has been added, that is the unaltered color).

If you haven’t had a good canvas print with high quality coating made, give Picture Element a try. Mike Chambers (no relation) does a first-rate job with all his work (see details on canvas printing). There are other media also (I’m also partial to Ilford Smooth Pearl paper mounted on DiBond).

The finished print is remarkable; one could easily imagine that it has been made on medium format due to the clarity of the image. This is not a statement that one can stare at fine details at close range (~20 inches) without seeing resolution limits (~117 dpi), but rather that the fundamental per-pixel quality, total absence of digital artifacts, and acutance of details lends the impression of a result from a much higher resolution camera.

At an appropriate viewing distance of 1-2 meters, the image practically jumps off the wall. Would this be true of a landscape scene with very fine details? Perhaps that kind of scene would show the limits of detail sooner (as with any camera), but I suspect that the same per-pixel quality would lend itself to a similar visual impact.

My small criticism in seeing the Sigma DP2 Merrill print as compared with the Nikon D800E Tulips #10 print is that the color of the Nikon image seems more nuanced in the more intense orange/red/yellow transitions. This one might fairly expect, given that the 14-bit sensor of the full-frame Nikon D800E is the best sensor on the market today, but the lighting was not the same, so that idea is a supposition, not a proof.

8 sec @ f/10, ISO 100
Sigma DP2 Merrill

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