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Sony DSC-RX100: a Terrific Combination of Features

Putting my recent post of Form Factor and Camera Appeal to a real-world trial, I stuffed the diminutive Sony RX100 into my jersey pocket and headed out for a multi-hour mountain bike ride on my Moots Mooto X YBB 29er. I also have the handy Richard Franiec stick-on grip on mine.

The Sony RX100 had impressed me last fall, but it did so all over again: small and light so that I scarcely notice it in a jersey pocket, the most natural fill flash I have found in any camera at any price (set to -1.7 slow sync), excellent exposure accuracy, very pleasing color, bitingly sharp centrally at close range at the 28mm setting.

The RX100 just gets the job done fast and without any of the size/weight hassles of larger cameras: no excuse for not taking it, no excuses for not getting highly satisfactory images. Its a real winner in my book for its combination of features for this type of use. Which is what any successful camera is about. Well, I do wish there were an EVF option, but its rear LCD is excellent even in bright sun.

Sony RX100 with lens extended

This image is cropped down to ~12 megapixels. Note the perfect exposure in aperture priority mode, along with flash that is so natural one wouldn’t even know it had been used except for the catch-lights in the eyes.

Black Mountain Bicyclist
Sony RX100 at 28mm, f/5.6 @ 1/400 sec, ISO 100, fill flash at -1.7

No complaints on sharpness here. This is actual pixels below.

Actual pixels

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