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Oversampling: What Would 56 Megapixels Look Like from a Sony NEX-7 Sensor?

Suppose the 24-megapixel Sony NEX-7 were scaled up to full frame: it would become a 56-megapixel sensor at the same pixel density. So what would image quality look like? Pretty fantastic.

In Making Sharp Images, I show just what we might expect from a Sony NEX-7 sensor scaled to 56-megapixels, keeping in mind that the Sony NEX-7 technology has almost certainly been further improved (it seems so with the Sony RX100, which has a full-frame equivalent pixel density of 148 megapixels).

Oversampling (using ultra high-res sensor) can deliver very high image quality with smaller output files, but at a native resolution of 56 megapixels, the quality is already excellent even natively. You can’t lose with what’s bound to show up sooner or later!

California Poppy
Sony NEX-7 + Zeiss Touit 32mm f/1.8 Planar @ f/5.6

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