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Ricoh GR: Highly Recommended

Ricoh GR

See my review of the Ricoh GR.

No, it does not have the best sensor on the market. But it has a nice built-in grip, a razor sharp lens and is very well thought out. (a few niggles). And it is by far the most fun, the most efficient shooting, the most enjoyable camera in its class I’ve used in a long while. I wouldn’t even consider the Nikon Coolpix A by comparison (and the Coolpix A is $300 more expensive with no grip).

Posted already in my review are a lot of photos, but I have 300 or 400 more. As I started reviewing them, I just kept thinking how easy and fun this camera is to shoot and with so many good results—not as good as with my best cameras (sensor resolution and noise), but I miss a lot of shots with the D800 because it’s just a lot more effort to carry and shoot it: ease vs effort. Processing is super easy too: Adobe Camera Raw. No need to twiddle with badly designed molasses-slow software (Sigma Photo Pro).

The night shooting capability in particular was pretty awesome: the ability to dial in up to 5 minute exposures. Set up, focus (with a flashlight), let it run. Compare that to a “better” camera costing 12X as much (with lens), the Leica M240: 60 second limit, manual focus in the center only, and no ability to choose a shutter speed beyond 8 seconds. #$*#$#*$*.

Wait a minute. This IS the poor man’s Leica. Just as sharp (maybe sharper in total versus either of Leica’s 28mm lenses, all factors considered). And dirt cheap by comparison. No, the sensor is not nearly as good as the Leica M Typ 240, but that’s not the point.

Gripes? The Ricoh GR has no EVF and not even an optional one.

Get the Ricoh GR for about $797 at B&H Photo.

Ancient bristlecone pine bathed in moonlight
Ricoh GR
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