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Reader Comments on Quality of Images at

Howard C writes:

I am consistently amazed at the "sharpness" of the "test" images that you display on your site. Of course, it goes without saying that you shoot these images very carefully using the best technique and the lenses are typically among the best.

Nonetheless, the difference between the JPEGs you display on your site and JPEGs I see posted on the web that were shot with by others with other high end equipment, including medium format digital backs on technical cameras, is quite remarkable.

I would love to know what your workflow is for preparing images for the web. Downsampling, sharpening, noise reduction, color space conversion, etc. Great topic for your blog. If you have already covered it, please point me to it.

DIGLLOYD: I cover most all of my field techniques in Making Sharp Images, which I still consider one of my most important offerings for anyone looking to move their skill set and understanding forward.

For raw conversion and post-processing, downsampling, etc, I cover some of my techniques in the Workflow section of DAP. I am open to suggestions on things to add.

Retina-grade images

This site was and is THE leader in retina grade imagery, and I am proud of it.

On top of all this, my sites all use retina grade images, which make good images look stunning on a retina-grade display.

Due to the heavy bandwidth required (which is an expense), retina support is restricted to subscribers at, but at and retina grade images are available to all.

Anyone who enjoys high quality anything should run out and buy a MacBook Pro with Retina display for that reason alone. The pity is the 99.9% of the web presents low grade imagery to begin with, and those that do offer higher resolution images are clueless, making no attempt to allow displaying it at proper retina resolution, so it looks blurry on a retina display!

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