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Reader Comment on Ricoh GR: Leaf Shutter In Lens and ND Filter + Vision & Autofocus

Ricoh GR

See the review of the Ricoh GR in Guide to Mirrorless.

Martin F writes:

I'd like to agree on the subject of fixed lens cameras, and would like to mention a feature no interchangeable lens camera short of Medium Format offers- an in-lens shutter.

This ability to sync above the DSLR-standard 1/250th makes them very appealing for "Strobist"-style photography. I also perceive that a small, quiet in-lens shutter introduces less blur to a shot than a focal plane shutter, though I admit this may be more down to my imagination than actual evidence.

I also sincerely hope Ricoh, Fuji, Sony or Nikon will expand their fixed lens APS-C compact ranges with models offering wider, longer and faster optics. The notion of using a Sigma DP3M on a fashion shoot fills me with dread!

DIGLLOYD: A leaf shutter in the lens has many advantages: yes there is essentially zero vibration, and flash can be synced to the fastest shutter speed, highly useful for bright conditions for fill flash. The downside is that the fastest shutter speed cannot be used at the widest aperture (in general), though the Ricoh GR has yet another well considered feature: a built-in ND filter, which mitigates the issue by dropping the shutter speed.

As far as the Sigma DP3M for a fashion shoot: well, most of what I see in fashion is so heavily manipulated (lighting and makeup and post processing) that the unique Sigma look might be a way to break out of the banality of same-old. I presume though that the shooting speed is the issue.

Ricoh GR ND filter setting

Dr S writes:

You sure do get a lot done. In general I am beginning to agree with your assessment that a fixed lens compact cam is the best of all worlds for the reasons you state in your blog.

The most salient point for me in your article comparing the Ricoh and the Leica 28mm is the following:

"On the other hand, autofocus for anyone with less than perfect vision is faster and easier and more accurate than manual focus."

I am very near-sighted and still wear glasses so an accurate AF is crucial for my success. However, on the plus side, I am so near-sighted that without glasses my close-focus is a whopping 3 to 4 inches! No arm's length issue with the LCD of any cam so the Ricoh GR is not a problem. Rather it is just fine. Just wish live view on the Nikon was decent....

Lastly, if you have access to the Fuji X system I will be curious whether or not after the major Firmware update you find the same focus creep issues that fueled your distaste for the cam.

DIGLLOYD: we all have the same 24 hours in a day. :)

The quote is not from my blog, it is from my essay Is the Ricoh GR a 28mm Leica Replacement? in my review of the Ricoh GR in Guide to Mirrorless.

I am also nearsighted, but with eyes corrected, I have trouble with close focus due to increasing presbyopia, which no one can avoid. The range of sharp vision is about 1/4 inch deep. Not viable for much of anything without my lenses; I would quickly be eaten in the jungle.

Ricoh GR

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