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Same Battery for Ricoh GR and Sigma DP Merrill

Same battery!
Ricoh GR and Sigma DP Merrill

Richard Riebel writes:

I bought a Sigma DP3 Merrill a couple months ago after a trial run. Really love it. I also bought some extra Wasabi batteries for it. It makes for a fun kit and I still am a amazed at the image quality. I have seen some people touch my prints of its image uncertain as to whether there is a three dimensional effect I have added to the print.

Additionally, I bought a Ricoh GR. after trying it for a while, I became enamoured with its form factor, simplicity, and how accepting people are of having me take their picture with a small camera.

The point of this note is that as I charged the battery for the Ricoh, something I did not do with the loaner, I noticed it is the same battery as used in the Sigma. All those inexpensive Wasabi batteries can now see double duty, and the Sigma charger will likely work for the Ricoh batteries, as well.

Thanks for all your work.

DIGLLOYD: Even though I have both the Ricoh GR and the Sigma DP Merrill, I hadn’t realized this (I verified with my batteries and yes the Sigma charger works with the Ricoh GR battery).

As Richard notes, the Ricoh GR is terrific for many duties. And the Sigma DP Merrills are great for the very best image quality possible (and really big prints) in anything approaching that size camera— what a great combination made even better by battery sharing.

Other cameras

Same idea for another pairing: as note in my review of the Fujifilm X100, the Ricoh GXR battery and Fujifilm X100 battery are interchangeable, see the Feature Comparison: Fuji X100 vs Ricoh GXR page for that and more.

Ricoh GR

Victor B writes:

In case you haven't already found it B&H has the Pearstone charger for only $14.95 which will charge both the Ricoh and Sigma batteries. Can be found here. The battery fits right in, no adapter plate needed.

DIGLLOYD: I have not tried it myself, but it looks like another option.

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