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Traveling (Mountains)

I’m on the road traveling for a while, so this blog will see some intermittent activity. Please see recent blog entries to see recent discussions on what I am testing this trip.

Very brief notes:

  • With the Really Right Stuff grip and the wonderful Sony EVF, the Sony RX1 is a very enjoyable camera to shoot, and the lens has a lovely rendering style. So much faster and easier and lighter and more enjoyable than a Leica M240, and focuses way closer too.
  • The Leica M240 screwed me again today by damaging some files: I had forgotten to set Lens Correction back to "Auto", so a whole batch of 24mm images were damaged by being corrected for the 35/2 APH. Why can't Leica see that irreparable file damage deserves a warning? Three YEARS and this #$#$*#$*$ continues. If a coded lens is mounted and the setting is set to something else, a brief warning (which I would enable) is all it would take. I’ll still be able to use the images, but they’ll all have ugly color casts on the edges and corners. This sort of thing is inexcusable since it is easily solved by Leica: another way is to add add a “Always Use Lens Coding” option. The 3-year old brain-dead approach has bitten me before. It’s aggravating that nothing is done, but not at all surprising: it is a pattern with Leica.
  • The Leica M240 EVF is a blurred and unlovely yuck compared to the Sony EVF or the Olympus EVF. Night and day, like watching broadcast standard def TV vs a good BluRay HD. Still no word from Leica on if and when the 2.4 MP Olympus VF-4 will be supported on the 240. The VF-2 is a real handicap, and simply not sufficient for precise focus, nor is the focus peaking more than “somewhere near here” accurate.
  • The Leica X Vario has all the fiddly and chimpy sub-optimal design decisions I’d expect from Leica, what a time-wasting ill-considered design. The worst of which is a magnified Live View so bad that it makes the mangled Live View of the Nikon D800 look excellent. But the worst problem is that when the light gets sweet at dusk, it's game over for handholding due to the ultra slow lens, unless one likes beautiful lighting rendered at ISO 3200 for a lot of grain. The controls are driving me crazy.
  • Initial impressions of Samyang and Rokinon are better than expected, but I have yet to assess the images.

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