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Sony RX1R: 12 Lens Rendering Aperture Series

Sony RX1R with EVF and Really Right Stuff grip
(my preferred shooting configuration)

In my review of the Sony RX1R I have added ten lens rendering aperture series, designed to show the sharpness, bokeh, optical behavior and so on.

Each of this series is presented in standard, HD and ultra-HD* sizes for your viewing pleasure (the ultra-HD size is best used only a very large displays, such as a 30" monitor or MacBook Pro with Retina display).

* Ultra-HD = 3840 pixels wide X ~2560 pixels high on this site. The 4K display standard is coming in 2014. As per my high quality standards, I want this site to be at the forefront, just as it was the first site on the web to embrace retina grade images and still remains the only site to do it properly.

Andrew B writes:

I just wanted to chime in and tell you how much I enjoy the lens rendering aperture series you posted for the RX1R. It is such a pleasurable way to evaluate the qualities of the lens. I know the general aperture series are nothing new to your review methods, but I would love to see more of these dedicated rendering series in the future!

There are many consideration when buying a new lens, but for me, it all comes down to my own subjective response to the whole lens rendering. I already own the RX1R, but its still great to see these samples. I really love what the lens does between f/2.8 and f/4.

Finally, seeing these rendering series makes me want to do bracketed aperture series in my own shooting. It's great to be able to evaluate the shot after the fact, and choose what aperture yields the ideal balance.

DIGLLOYD: I plan to do many more, incorporating them as standard fare into all my reviews. And by offering the ultra-HD versions I can avoid some of the workload of all the separate crops, which are a valuable tool, but so too is a very large full image. Though the crops are still needed for some evaluations, the ultra-HD sizes show a lot all at once about the entire gestalt of the image.

Forlorn table in Wyman Canyon Cabin
Sony RX1
Bristlecone Graveyard at Sunset with Storm Clouds
Sony RX1
Do Natural Selection Warnings Work?
Sony RX1
Modern Foodstuffs in Old Cabin
Sony RX1
Storm Light Illuminates the Pepper
Sony RX1
Relief at 12,300' Elevation, and a Storm Shelter
Sony RX1
Yellow Seedheads by Grassy Creek
Sony RX1
The Moots Ride to Barcroft
Sony RX1
White Branches and White Rock
Sony RX1
The Way Across but Watch for Frost
Sony RX1
The Rock Can Wait for the Roots to Rot
Sony RX1
Brick Building at the Summit
Sony RX1

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