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Reader Comments: Sony RX1R

See the review of the Sony RX1/RX1R in Guide to Mirrorless.

Sony RX1

With EVF and grip, the Sony RX1R is the most friendly premium-quality all-day shooter you will find as this was written. For me when shooting in the field, it was a “can’t put it down” camera coupled with an aversion to my Nikon D800 and Leica M Type 240, which I preferred to leave in my pack (size and weight and fun-factor, EVF quality, fast and reliable autofocus all in favor of the RX1R). I make a point of observing my own reactions to each camera I use, as I consider that factor critically valuable to report to my readers.

I have not purchased the RX1R, but this is because of budget reasons, and because I am constantly shooting new gear, and that displaces my efforts to the stream of new cameras. But the RX1R would surely be a preferred camera were that not the case.

The Sony RX1R and the Ricoh GR make an awesome combination for field shooting, but if both cameras were offered in additional focal lengths that would really nail it down (e.g., 21mm or 24mm for the RX1R and 19mm for the Ricoh GR, all in terms of equivalent focal length). In other words, the concept of the three camera system so boldly advanced by Sigma with the Sigma DP Merrill line would be terrific if taken up by Sony and Ricoh and in general by all vendors. Because interchangeable lenses are over-rated: optimizing for the 80% of 90% case is eminently sensible.

Reader comments

Note that both RX1R users express some initial skepticism, which is also where I started. But when a camera proves itself repeatedly over several thousand frames in all the important ways, that is the real test. Note well that the proper configuration of the RX1R is an prerequisite to my recommendation..

Paul R writes:

In regards to the RX1R, I did buy one after reading your most insightful review. I have a Leica X Vario (and D3x), and was skeptical at first.

But after using the RX1R now intensely for several days, I must agree with your review 100%, including your comparisons with Leica. Thanks so much for convincing me to go RX1R!

DIGLLOYD: my reviews cover the gamut of image quality, usability in the field and tips for getting the best. I ask myself what *I* would want to know, since my reactions and decision process must be similar to what many prospective buyers would want to know. This is no easy task, but by consciously asking myself that question repeatedly and calling a spade a spade or a jewel a jewel without equivocating, I think I arrive at a solid discussion. Which might not be perfect for everyone, but is surely useful to many.

Thanks for buying the Sony RX1R using the links on this site.

James H writes:

James H initially had some doubts.

After shooting with the Sony RX1R for a week I have warmed up to it, actually fallen in love with. I've decided to keep the camera and purchase the RRS grip.

This is going to be a great camera to use in conjunction with the Sony A99. Exciting!!! Even though Sony will be releasing a 36 megapixel system very soon I feel the RX1R and A99 IQ will hold very well compared to these new systems.

DIGLLOYD: Gains over the 24 megapixels of the Sony RX1R will be incremental, and significant gains in detail demand very high grade lenses. That remains to be seen on the new Sony NEX full-frame 36-megapixel camera.

See also:

Sony RX1R with EVF and Really Right Stuff grip
(my preferred shooting configuration)

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