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Voigtlander VM-E Close Focus Lens Adapter with Close Focus for Sony A7/A7R/NEX E-Mount

Thanks to reader Niels H for bringing this to my attention.

Voigtlander has a new variant of its VM adapter coming soon, the Voigtlander VM-E, which allows additional close-focus capability, long a limitation of Leica M and Zeiss ZM and Voigtlander rangefinder lenses.

The lens adapter itself provides 4mm of additional distance to the image plane, which allows substantially closer focus and higher magnification.

This not only allows closer focus, but potentially allows lenses designed for APS-C to reach out to the corners of a full-frame sensor (albeit with degraded quality).

Delivery starts December 2013, according to Voigtlander.

With this adapter, the minimum object distance of VM lenses can be shorter. You can get closer to the subject, when shooting. For the minimum object distance of each VM lens with this adapter, please check attached file.

Let us quote Robert Capa:
“If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough.”

Please note that there is a possibility that low resolution of the edge and the colour cast will emerge due to the combination of camera body and lens.

Adaptable Body mount Sony E mount
Adaptable Lens mount VM mount
Diameter 62.7mm
Weight 125g
Helicoid extension 4mm
Other With infinity lock button
Can cover full frame 24x36mm

Roy P writes:

I saw your mention of the Voigtlander adapter that cuts down the minimum focusing distance of M lenses on E-mount cameras. Other companies have been making these, too.

Kipon makes a high quality adapter that I’ve been using for ~18 months. It’s only available on eBay – see for instance

The quality is very good, but I dislike the saw tooth shaped focusing ring on it. But it works very well and it’s much cheaper than the 289 Euro for the Voigtlander.

It is an interesting experience indeed to shoot with the Noctilux/0.95 from a distance of less than two feet! Score another point for Sony E-mount cameras, something else that the M240/M9 can’t do!

DIGLLOYD: I can’t speak to this alternative, but the Voigtlander VM adapter I have is well made (have not seen the new VM-E yet).

OWC Accelsior 4M2 PCIe SSD
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