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Sony A7R vs Sony A7

It is my intent to add some coverage of the 24-megapixel Sony A7, but see the Sony A7R vs A7 Red Barn comparison to get an idea of relative detail capture.

The key feature of the Sony A7 is its electronic first curtain(EFC) shutter, which allows vibration-free exposures. One reader pointed out that the closing shutter could cause vibration, but there is no evidence to support that idea, so maybe it is ESC as well: electronic second curtain, e.g. the image is clocked out of the chip row-by-row with the shutter open, seems like it has to happen that way.

The Sony A7 makes perfect vibration-free images for me and a NYC pro I trust tells me that it does so out to 800mm.

And so it’s simple: unless and until Sony addresses the shutter vibration issue, the camera of choice for longer lenses is the 24-megapixel Sony A7. Because 24 vs 36 megapixels amounts to 1/5 of a pixel blur , which the A7R greatly exceeds with longer lenses.

Sony A7 and Sony A7R

Henning K writes:

Your coverage of the new Sony camera and lenses are perhaps the most educational and good coverage I have ever read. You explain so many things which have puzzled me for years.

As my cameras are so far Sigma DP2M for best quality and Pentax with most weather sealed lenses for Norwegian weather and low light, I wonder about the weather sealing on Sony, someone said there isn't any protection at lens mount(do you think it is so tight that rain cannot enter?

I know Leica claim their lenses to be WR on Leica M.

I would be also grateful for more comparing between DP Merrills and Sony lenses.

You should be obligatory reading for anyone studying photography at university.

DIGLLOYD: The lens mount would not concern me nearly so much as the open front end of the lens—make sure a filter is in use to seal off the areas of ingress. Even so there is an inner and outer barrel with the Sony/Zeiss 35/2.8 and 55/1.8 and it’s not clear that there is any sealing there either. As for the lens mount, it is metal on metal and I don’t see how it could keep water out.

As for water resistance with Leica M lenes, this strikes me as highly dubious at best. However, they are so small that they could be wrapped with plastic or similar quite easily and some of them have really good rectangular lens hoods.

Sigma DP Merrills have 28mm, 45mm and 75mm equivalent lenses. This makes it hard to do any prime-to-prime comparison—it requires moving the camera and that is a lousy way to compare; even if one can achieve the same angle, the perspective is inherently changed.
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