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Sony A7R: A Practical Effort to Mitigate Shutter Vibration at 90mm

Sony A7R

Thinking about the Sony A7R shutter vibration, I wondered about whether applying mass to the problem might help mitigate the Sony A7R shutter vibration issue, a supposition that Joseph Holmes evaluated in detail and found to be true. By F=mA it ought to.

But I wanted to know if something simple using the hot shoe might offer benefits. For example, a relatively heavy flash like a Nikon SB800: inserted it into the hot shoe, would it show any benefit?

A simple solution requiring stuff I already have is appealing. With the hot shoe often not needed for flash use, it’s a convenient place to add mass. And while it’s regrettable to have to even consider such awkward solutions, if one has an A7R and anything of mass that can go into the hot shoe, bowing to reality and looking for mitigation is practical. Because my obstacle to using the A7R for lens evaluations is ruling out or at least minimizing blur from the shutter. Mitigating, not eliminating.

In Guide to Mirrorless:

Sony A7R Shutter Vibration at 90mm with Mass Mitigation (Chart)

The findings here are of practical, actionable value to any Sony A7R shooter.

Also analyzed is whether the vibration remains visible when the 36 megapixel image is downsampled to 24 megapixels (with and without extra mass), noting that the resolution difference between 36 and 24 megapixels is 1.22X: √(36/24). Extracting full detail from a 36MP sensor thus requires that absolutely everything be at its best to capture that modest difference.

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