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Panasonic GH4 Video Quality: Videos Posted With Comments Plus Derived 1920/2560/3840 Still Images

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Panasonic GH4

I shot some 4K video this morning including some demanding color combinations (intense orange poppies against green).

WOW. This is the first camera I’ve used whose video quality makes me sit back and feel that the video looks real; it’s the detail level but also the GH4 color handling. Mighty impressive. This is a giant leap forward for video quality, and makes a Canon or Nikon DSLR video look atrociously poor by comparison (which is what I thought 18 months ago simply by using my eyes).

Viewing the GH4 4K video at 1920 size (half size in Quicktime Player) looks stunningly good by comparison to Nikon or Canon DSLR video—another league. I’m sure it can look far better with proper video processing (not my skill area).

Watch the videos

In Guide to Mirrorless:

Panasonic GH4 video (Poppies)

The page includes links to two online-playable 1080p videos derived from 4K UltraHD (with comments on the merits of half-res) as well as the downloadable 4K UltraHD video originals as-shot. Video shot on a tripod with manual focus, so the only movement is the subject matter; my goal was to assess the quality as per its visual impact.

Also included are still frames from the two videos at 1920, 2560 and 3840 resolutions, with commentary on the quality delivered as still frames, which has clear implications for video quality.

Still frame from Panasonic GH4 4K video clip

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