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Email Notifications Implemented, Available to Subscribers

An email notification service is now in place for subscribers (only). It is opt-in, meaning unless you ask to be put onto the list, you will not get email notifications of site updates.


Paul L writes:

I have to say, I am REALLY LOVING this new email notification system.

I like that I can see what has been newly posted over the last few days and decide, from the comfort of my email inbox, whether it's worth my while making the effort to check-in to your site. I love push, rather than pull services; the analogy I would draw is that of my usual post/postal service, in that my mail is pushed to me and I receive it in my home mail box, I don't go scouring the globe to check-in with everyone I have ever had contact with to see if they are about to write something I might wish to read; rather, I am passive, they are active, they push, I receive, and upon receipt I decide if what they have written is worth reading. I like that. And I want my digital subscriptions to work in the same way.

I also like the additional, and extremely useful, info that is supplied within the mailings, namely, what subscriptions I have in force and when they are due to expire, and which of my recent subscriptions have already expired (in my case I have learnt that I have 2 + 2, two expired and two in force).

Yep, very nice. I hope this becomes a permanent feature for those of us who prefer this way of engaging with your site.

DIGLLOYD: “one size fits all” rarely—because I have consistently been asked for such a feature, I’ve decided to offer it since it is easy to automate (unlike the previous mailing lists, which incurred too much time overhead). It is also my own preference, for my own reasons / working style. But many people prefer to simply bookmark this site and visit each day and/or to use the RSS feeds and/or diglloyd Twitter page.

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