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Sony A7R IV

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Nikon D810 Leaked Specs: Improved Sensor, EFC Shutter

Leaked specs from the internet (assuming true COULD BE WRONG).

  • All-new sensor with no anti-aliasing filter and Expeed 4 image processing engine. A lot can be done with sensor design and not just noise: sharpness could improve too. The sensor in the D800/D800E is at least two if not three years old; a newfangled Sony sensor could be hot.
  • Higher resolution 1229K dot rear LCD. Presumably the ugly mangled Live View is fixed, but that is to be seen. Where is the Apple-style Retina display though?
  • ISO from 32 to 51200 (ISO 32 particularly interesting... I’ve long lusted after ultra high quality low ISO, but it seems to be the the usual Nikon “Lo” mode non-ISO one nominal stop below a true base ISO of 64).
  • Electronic first curtain shutter for ZERO VIBRATION exposure mode in Live View (Canon already has this in the 5D Mark III). Maybe Sony can take a lesson here. A zero vibration shutter is a big deal for super teles and high magnification macro work.
  • Still no 4K video., but 50/60p video.
  • Quieter stronger shutter with kevlar good for 200K cycles.
  • (glaring omission) Apparently no EVF or even EVF option. Quaint.
  • Same focusing system as Nikon D4S: multi-cam 51- point. Configurable in 9/21/51-point coverage settings. AF points clustered towards the centre of the frame; so DX offers nearly 100% coverage.
  • Faster frame rates.

A nice upgrade, but disappointing for the lack of an EVF, my #1 wish.

Still, practical featurs hold promise: a sensor delivering 14-bit images that is as good or perhaps better than the Sony A7R sensor (see limitations) will be welcome, as will the vibration-free EFC shutter and (hopefully) improved Live View.

How good will the Nikon D810 rear LCD be, and will the mangled Live View of D800/D800E be fixed?
Nikon D800/D800E camera rear

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