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Is the D810 Sharper than the D800E?

Get at B&H Photo: Nikon D810, Zeiss Otus

Nikon D810

Previously I presented ISO 3200 along with some evidence of the D810 being a bit sharper than the D800E (in a depth of sharpness sense).

This ISO 100 + ISO 64 comparison examines the subject again, but without the noise of ISO 3200. It also shows ISO 64 vs ISO 100 on the D810.

D810 vs D800E: ISO 100/64 Sharpness (Decorated Bike)

Now, time to pack for my trip.

ISO 64
Nikon D810 + Zeiss Otus 55/1.4 APO-Distagon

Robert N writes:

Thanks for taking the trouble to do the base ISO comparison: as I said, this is the real acid test for me in terms of upgrade and is the kind of detailed comparison which makes subscribing so worthwhile.

While the two cameras are not that far apart in terms of sharpness, the 810 has markedly superior blacks and an overall sensation (to my eyes) of less 'interference' in the image. The 800E image by comparison, has a very slight sense of looking through an opaque membrane. A subtle difference...but probably significant in the context of some scenes.

DIGLLOYD: the D810 is subtly better in several ways. Together with its operational improvements, it is a winner and the best DSLR on the market (easily), albeit one that falls short in several obvious ways that could have been made better (so it seems to me) .

I’m looking forward to seeing what it delivers in the field and just how well it can do with an Otus versus the Pentax 645Z.

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