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Emerging Features that Are Essential: Make the Camera Work for YOU

Features I think ought to be standard on all higher-end cameras soon, because they extend aspects of the shooting and quality envelope:

  • Sensor stabilization on all DSLRs, APS-C and full frame.
  • Hi-res multishot mode like the Olympus OMD E-M5 Mark II.
  • True raw histogram with auto-ETTR metering.
  • Ultra high dynamic range (20 bit) in RAW by multiple electronic exposures (no shutter movement). Similar to hi-res multishot mode idea. Could be combined (both). Gimme one big honkin' raw file that has it all.
  • 4-megapixel EVF (current ones are ~2.3 megapixels).
  • Retina-grade rear LCD at camera rear.
  • 15-bit file format for ultra high quality at low base ISO of 64 or 32 or similar.
  • Image transfer (including raw) to any paired iPhone or iPad or Android.
  • Overlay on EVF showing peak contrast graph for manual focus, with auditory feedback so one can in theory focus with eyes closed: cold, warm, warmer, hot, beep, click!

Michael M writes:

Great list, particularly agree with your Retina-level rear LCD (make it tiltable while we’re at it) and connectivity. In high-volume shooting situations like sports and events, clients are looking for almost real-time transfer/publishing for a variety of purposes including social media, while at the same time appreciating the back-end quality of RAW. We can satisfy both file requirements with RAW + JPG to separate cards but the workflow just sucks from that point on. Photographers caught in that squeeze (like yours truly) can’t realisitically develop their own solution like the 4-cellular-modem backpack that NYT photographers are using.

The Canon 1Dx II whenever it arrives better have built-in wi-fi, but if Canon was truly thinking out-the-box they’d also build in cellular capability so our cameras could transmit when out in the wild. Kludgy $600 wi-fi add-ons won’t cut it. Camera makers should partner with Samsung or Apple to integrate the cellular capability, as they've proven time and time again they just don’t understand the connectivity imperative. Hell, if phones get any thinner, a camera maker could conceivably provide a slot/hardware dock to slot the phone into, and it would handle the image display and connectivity while opening up a limitless ecosystem of apps and software enhancements. KickStarter anyone?

DIGLLOYD: as an analogy morphing to reality, the camera industry is still in the days of flip phones. The iPhone has not yet arrived in the real camera world except for the iPhone itself, which is eating the camera industry from the bottom up, like an ice shelf being undermined by warm water. Yet the players in the camera industry doze on.

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