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Received this in email today.

LMAO. It’s spot-on.

Canon should buy Nikon, dump most Nikon lenses, all Canon bodies, then either sell the remaining company to Sony or buy Sony.

Every time I go to, I see things like Sony dropped the price of every A7x body by $300, and Sony has a new brain implant that that [editor: brain implant needs a firmware update] adjusts the concavity of the sensors in its cameras to match your retina, so the camera can register exactly what you see. And a roadmap to 14 new Zeiss and Sony lenses for the next year.

Every time I go to the site, I see something like Nikon has announced the 3572 entry-level DX DSLR that replaces the 3571, a 673 DSLR that replaces the 672, and a 763 DSLR that replaces the 762, and there are two new DX zoom lenses, a 45-235mm and a 15-735mm, and a 28-400mm FX lens. OK, all f*cked up, but at least, they are making some noise to show they still have a pulse.

Then, every time I go to the site, I see something like there’s a new Leica store opening in Ho Chi Minh City, 50 of the shittiest images you ever saw selected for the 2015 Oskar Barnack award, and there is a new M-LU body designed by Lulu Lemon that has a transparent outer case, and only a shutter button and nothing else, with a transparent 35mm Summilux mit der floating elementen for only $23,995, and new titanium soft release shutter buttons with an onyx accent (default case), with diamond, ruby, emerald or sapphire as options.

DIGLLOYD: At NAB (with my press badge on, which I felt was fair warning), Canon tried to tell me that the DSLR market was doing great, with a lot of pre-orders for the new 5Ds. My BS meter squacked so loud I almost went deaf (hey, I ask around and know my business). Even what is not said or body language is eminently useful (and in-person or voice communicates a ton more than email). Well, there was a lot of communication in only about 10 minutes, very useful to me.

You can’t make this stuff up! (close enough): Two new Leica special edition cameras for Republic of Korea’s 70th independence anniversary

I asked Canon about an EVF option and got clawed. Miller’s Law repudiated. Later, when I got home, I discussed the matter with my cat, and she gave it 5 purrs.

I wrote about the value proposition with Leica and it’s only gotten worse now; it asymptotically approaches zero.

Chris L writes:

My compliments to your correspondent, it's exactly the creeping impression I get every time I look at those CanoNikoLeiOlympiSonyca-rumors sites.

The other day I was asked to evaluate two reproductions, by two different photographers, of the same archaeological object; one shot taken with a Canon 5D Mark III, the other with a Phase One MF camera. The catch: I was expected, based on my evaluation, to recommend a new Canon 5DS in replacement of the Mk III, to match the pixel count of the Phase One MF.

But the images could have been produced with iPhones for what mattered. All the difference was in the lighting: the one taken with the Canon was utterly flat, whereas the Phase One shot lighting was carefully modelled, almost sculpted in 3D. It was just the photographer, not the camera, or the lens. (And just to be clear, I am in no way camera-agnostic, but here the camera-lens-combo didn't even begin to matter, going against the photographer's grain.)

DIGLLOYD: even iPhone 6 images can look great with the right conditions and within reproduction limits. But of course many other practical and usage factors come to bear. Obviously, NAB and the gear shown there exist for strong reasons, for still and video.

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