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Viewing Tip: Google Chrome Blurs Images

My images are very carefully prepared to show at their best.

I just discovered today that Google Chrome for OS X has a nasty bug that blurs large images, e.g., those nice 24 megapixel ones I generally provide in my publications. Smaller sizes are also affected. I don’t know how long this has been going on, or what the size cutoff is for the damage. And I don’t know if this affects Chrome on PCs (non Macs).

Use of Google Chrome to view the larger images on this site will draw slightly blurred images.

It looks like Chrome is drawing large images to the screen incorrectly (as if it were resampling and then drawing), because right-clicking to copy the image and then pasting it into Photoshop shows the proper sharpness in Photoshop, that is, the image is being downloaded properly and cached properly, but not drawn properly.

Apple Safari strongly recommended for Mac users, Firefox for PC users.

Don C writes:

Yup, the star trails in your very nice Moonstar Bristlecone are blurrier displayed in Chrome than in Photoshop after a copy/paste.

It's not a huge amount but it's definitely there. Display is a 4K LG on my PC. Doesn't look like Safari is an option - seems Apple discontinued support for Safari on PCs just over 3 years ago with Version 5.1.7. However, I am just as happy to look at individual
images with Photoshop if I care about the display quality.

DIGLLOYD: As I don’t have a PC or even a virtual one, I didn’t realize Safari had dropped support for PCs. Firefox might be the best alternative for PC users.

Chrome’s behavior seems intermittent: today it worked OK. There may be some factor involved, like how much memory it is using (even if the system has ample free memory).

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