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$300 Instant Savings on Nikon D810 + Reader Comments

Get Nikon D810 DSLR at B&H Photo.

See also review of the Nikon D810.

The Nikon D810 has long been my workhorse camera of choice, with unrivalled dynamic range up there with the best, even medium format*. The bulk of my work over the past two years has been done with it—zero issues, ever. As much as I love the EVF and other features of the Sony A7R II, the Nikon D810 is a solid piece of gear I can always count on. Heading to the mountains soon, I consider the D810 mandatory, even though I will also work with the Sony A7R II (two secret projects in the works!).

$300 off Nikon D810 Camera body with 2% rewards, free expedited shipping and extras!

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* Use RawDigger to evaluate dynamic range, do not make erroneous assumptions based on the camera histogram or Lightroom, etc.

Roy P writes:

I guess this signals a D820 or D900 with the new Sony 42MP sensor is around the corner.

DIGLLOYD: I’m doubtful of a D820 soon, but there is some hope and such an upgrade would be long overdue. And would there at least be an EVF option? Then the Sony A7R II would lose much of its appeal for me. My thinking is that it might be more about sales since I suspect that the A7R II juggernaut is having a real impact on higher-end DSLR sales like the Nikon D810—no one writes me about switching back to a DSLR, though many like to have both systems.

James K, a decades-long NYC pro photog, writes:

You are talking like a commercial pro. You always take a Nikon with you because you can count on it—exactly. That is why Nikon is the choice when the chips are down and your ass is on the line.

After my recent lens experiences with Sony I am waiting to see what new cameras Nikon has in the pipe line. You know they will make a big move very soon. You must applaud them for their patience while they consider their next move. Look at what Sony is marketing. They seem to have little respect for customers. Knowingly selling expensive inferior lenses is not something I take lightly.

DIGLLOYD: So far, Sony has not failed me on the camera body, but the lens quality control issues are disturbing (see also 35/1.4 bad samples). I’m sticking with Zeiss Batis, although I do seem to have gotten lucky with the Sony 55/1.8 loaner I have.

When I make a mountain foray of around 800 miles round trip which cannot be reshot (and weather window can close at any time after Oct 15 in the fall!), and dawn to dusk efforts, I cannot take risks on failures of the camera. It’s a major investment of time (very costly as I only have 365 days a year, and significant expense too). Always I carry more than one camera system, and when I have them, I duplicate items like chargers, cards, card readers, power inverter, polarizers, etc. Though I cannot do so for all items for reasons of cost or availability or space: laptop, specific test lenses, some chargers. A failure or malfunction is a huge loss for me, and it is why I was so grumpy about the Leica Q behavior on Mt Dana back in July—it cost me images I can never, ever repeat.

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