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Sony A7S II: Real-World ISO 100 to ISO 410000 with and without Chroma Noise Reduction (Campfire)

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UPDATE 1: I’ve corrected an error in the RawDigger histogram. The corrected histogram shows the full 16-bit range as expected. Also updated are my thoughts in the conclusions on the merits of 12 vs 42 megapixels full frame sensors.

UPDATE 2: I’ve added RawDigger histograms showing gapping behavior not just in dark tones but in mid tones, which suggests “raw cooking”.

he 12- megapixel full frame sensor in the Sony A7S II brings with it expectations of ultra-clean imagery. This outdoors scene is a mashup of real world performance challenges into one “how well does it actually work” test, shot with uncompressed raw.

  • A mix of cyan-tinted lighting (LED source) which has been corrected in raw conversion to neutral (this makes the fire look magenta).
  • Contrast control in raw conversion: +100 shadow boost with some highlight reduction to tame the contrast range (contrast boost added to restore some contrast).
  • ISO series from ISO 100 to ISO 410000 both without and with chroma noise reduction.
  • Ambient temperature was 19°F / -7°C. This reduces certain types of sensor noise, and so this low temperature favors the camera greatly versus room temperature.
  • Frames were shot one after another, so if the camera has a heat buildup issue with continued use (just as it would with video), then this is highly relevant to some types of real-world use.

All frames are EV-matched (same exposure value).

Sony A7S II: ISO 100 to 410000: Campfire

Presented without and with chroma noise reductionf rom ISO 10

0 to ISO 410000 with large entire frame series and an UltraHD actual pixels crop series.

f16 @ 8.0 sec, ISO 25600; 2015-11-04 21:06:55
Sony A7s II + Zeiss Batis 25mm f/2 Distagon

[low-res image for bot]

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