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Westcott Flex LED Panels

Get Westcott Flex LED at B&H Photo. The Westcott Flex 1-Light Daylight Kit 5600K is currently $250 off (the 3200K tungsten model is $150 off). See all Westcott Flex with rebates.

Last year I tested the Westcott Flex LED panel, the 1x1 foot model. I had previously tested the Fotodiox DY-200 High Intensity Fresnel LED, and see also my article on home lighting LED Lighting for Clear, Bright, Energy Efficient Illumination”.

Due to a pressing workload I never wrote up my test of the Westcott Flex LED panel, but I was pleased with brightness and color quality. It delivers a very bright light output (dimmable over a wide range) and all models offer a high color accuracy, CRI 95 (CRI 98 with some bicolor models at 3200°K). The mat can bent and shaped as well, and while it cannot be folded, it can be rolled for storage or travel. It is also IP 64 rated for dust and water.

Now Westcott is delivering larger panels, including 1 x 2 feet, 1 X 3 feet, and 2 X 2 feet. There are also smaller panels for highly portable usage, and the 10 X 3" panel can be battery powered.

I liked the 1 X 1 panel enough that I asked B&H to loan me the new 2 X 2 foot panel and kit and I hope to report on it soon. It would be good to have a 2nd panel for cross-fill, but so far Westcott has not cooperated with my request for a review unit. I chose the 2 X 2 panel because that delivers 4X the area, for a more even light on the subject matter.

This is an unusual use, but as I’ve aged I cannot see in dim light nearly as well, and my office lighting has been annoying me for years, particularly when I need to do paperwork or other stuff not involving the computer. I want high quality, color accurate, and BRIGHT light. So I may just get a 1 X 2 panel for illumination when I want it, and since it’s dimmable and generates little heat (being LEDs), it’s very versatile. Perhaps I'll just velcro it to the wall and ceiling—not sure.

CRI = 95, TLCI = an excellent 98 at 5600K

See also BBS Lighting Area 48 Remote Phosphor LED-Based Lighting.

Westcott Flex 1 X 2 feet daylight-balanced LED panel
Westcott Cine Set
Westcott Flex roll

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