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OS X El Capitan (aka El Crapitan) Breaks Lightroom Tethered Shooting for Nikon Cameras?

See also diglloyd and the Apple Core Rot topic page.

Stephen K writes:

Here's another El Crapitan gotcha that I just (unfortunately) ran into...

Tethered shooting into Lightroom with a Nikon camera is BROKEN?!? This is a workflow crippler for me...and I most certainly didn't see it coming. Ugh.

There are many others complaining about the same issue, attributing it to El Crap and not to Lightroom. As I understand it from the threads, Nikon is in the process of updating their SDK to work with El Crap and then Adobe will incorporate the new code is some future update. As I'm not coding-savvy, this is simply my takeaway from the various threads. One thing for sure: many are facing the same issue.

DIGLLOYD: professionals should defer major OS X upgrades at least 3 months, and minor ones at least a month.

The risks in upgrading OS X have become unacceptable due to software testing incompetence, half-assed design practices, arbitrary changes that leave users hung out to dry, and overall juvenile judgment at Apple aka Apple Core Rot, which has infected both OS X and iOS and is metastasizing. Your goose is Cooked if you trust Apple as a professional: it is part of the logical progression from the first warning shot with Apple’s Final Cut fiasco some years back.

That software is now all but expected to break across an OS release is a sea change in the approach to OS upgrades (compatibility is a low priority); it used to be that an OS upgrade was an upgrade, not a sidegrade or downgrade consisting of a new (larger pile of manure) iTunes + superficial visual gimmicks + arbitrary changes for breaking application functionality in whole or in part. You as a professional are dealing here with a company that has complete insouciance for professional needs. The sad state of affairs is that OS X is now my choice only as the least crappy of the options, a very different thought process from the days of Apple excellence.

Upate from Stephen K:

I've discovered a workaround for "broken" Nikon tethered shooting into Lightroom using El Crapitan.

Nikon has very recently updated their Camera Control Pro 2 software to work with El Crapitan (version 2.22.1). The software is $150; however, a fully functional 30-day free trial is available.

I'm using Camera Control Pro 2.22.1 to tether and write to a specific folder (e.g., Watched). I've set Lightroom to Auto Import from that folder. So, while a bit clumsy, it works. I haven't used it long enuf to say whether it's reliable or not--nonetheless, it's a start and shows promise (versus no tethering...UGH???).

Dan M writes from a Windows user perspective:

Along the same lines, I just had to download a third party application to keep Microsoft from continuously running a pop up insisting I upgrade to Windows 10. You could even go to upgrades and delete the damned thing, and Microsoft would automatically put the “upgrade” for the Windows 10 back the next time you booted up. I have a number of offbeat applications that don’t necessarily upgrade every year, or even every other year, and I cannot afford the risk of incompatibility and having an entire research project grind to a halt. But no, some little geekheads at Microsoft have decided that THEY want to have the choice in how I run MY friggin’ computer. They simply do not allow a customer the right to shut off the stupid notice. No option, no box to click, nothing. It’s an insult.

Took me several hours of research to find out how to get the infuriating thing off my screen. There’s a whole trail of complaints all over the internet about the Windows 10 Upgrade notice. A few carefully targeted castrations would solve this.

DIGLLOYD: wonderful state of affairs. Mirrors the times.

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