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Sony’s Take on the Camera Market

Get Sony A6300 B&H Photo.

Sony states that its business is up 40% YOY. Sony says it’s about:

To create the whole new imaging experience that has never existed before.

Sony is succeeding, and they’re just warming up from what I can tell.

Sony A6300

While I have much to fault Sony for, Sony aggressively improves its products with every iteration (some work is needed on ergonomics for sure). CaNikon should be more worried than ever. Ditto for every other brand because the camera business is about the volume that makes the technological R&D possible. While CaNikon take 3-5 years to deliver relatively minor updates in dinosaur DSLRs, Sony pushes strongly ahead every year with increasingly impressive features—incredibly impressive in context.

Sony says that the A6000 was the #1 selling camera of any kind (above $600, more than any DSLR or mirrorless camera, see video ~6:00).

With the new Sony A6300, Sony says it offers “world’s fastest and most tenacious autofocus system with coverage density that no separate autofocus module can match”. This is not just a warning shot across the bow to CaNikon, it’s a laser-drilled hole just above waterline. The technology pieces could come together within a year to blow CaNikon out of the water even in their prized sports-shooter market. Look at the core specs in focus points, frame rate, continuous Live View at 8fps (very low blackout), etc and now imagine a higher-end camera released with a super tele or two, perhaps at 20 fps with near zero blackout and a thousand focus-tracking sensors.

Best 4K video from 20 megapixels (6K signal): “14 stop dynamic range delivers the best 4K video quality from Sony EVER in a consumer camera”. See video ~11:00.

Only a very foolish competitor would look at the Sony A6300 and not see the writing on the wall; it’s a test bed for higher-end products.


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