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Off Topic: ForeverSpin Precision-Machined Metal Spinning Tops

ForeverSpin spinning top, tungsten

I’ve always liked metals, rocks and geology, etc, so I’m drawn to the elegance of these spinning tops.

My top pick would be ultra dense and hard tungsten model, plus nickel and iron, for fun with high-power magnets while spinning.

There are no solid silver or gold models, though silver ought to be viable. Gold is way beyond my price range, but I’d bet there’s a market, particularly in these times.

As the densest stable element, Osmium would be ideal for a spinning top, but at about $810 per troy ounce, would not be a strong seller. Depleted uranium would be hot, as would tantalum and indium and osmium and rhenium. But I digress.

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ForeverSpin spinning tops, on storage base
ForeverSpin spinning top
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