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Adaptist 'Multi Mount' might allow Unmodified Nikon Lenses on Pentax K1

See my Pentax K1 wish list at B&H Photo.

The Adaptist Multi Mount WR might work for the Pentax K1, but as yet this is uncertain:

Since the much awaited announcement of the first ever full frame Pentax DSLR K-1 by Ricoh Imaging in February 2016, we have received multiple enquires if our product, the Pentax K+ Multi Mount (PK+MM) WR version can be used on it.

As the Pentax K-1 DSLR will only start shipping in April 2016 and stock availability of this much awaited DSLR will be expected to be limited, we will not be able to provide a full confirmation on its compatibility until we are able to get a production version of the K-1 DSLR for verification physically or through other confirmatory methods.

Although our initial investigations using information from high resolution photos of Pentax K-1 from Ricoh imaging official sites, trade show and hand-on reviews from multiple sites conclude that there is no external design changes, we are not able to determine its compatibility. This is because the obscured (hidden) areas of the K-mount ring in photos may contain new design features which is different from current K-mount ring used in APS-C DSLRs.

Once the information on Pentax K-1 and PK+MM (WR version) compatibility is available, we will announce it on our official website. You may wish to sign up for our mailing list for email notifications on all news related to our products.

Adaptist Pentax K Multi Mount schematic

The idea is that by changing out the lens mount (and losing some functionality), unmodified Nikon lenses with an aperture ring (e.g., Zeiss ZF.2/Milvus/Otus and others ) can be mounted without modification on a Pentax K camera.

What is Pentax K+ Multi-Mount (PK+MM)?

PK+MM introduces a new method of adapting other camera mount lenses. As most camera mounts have flange focal distance that are too close for adapters to be possible, by changing the original mount ring of the camera to an adaptive one like PK+MM, you can now mount different mount lenses without adapters, yet achieving infinity focus in most cases. There is absolutely no degradation to image quality as there is no optical elements like other adapters.

How is this possible?

Most bayonet mounts have 3 metal tabs and the differences between different mounts lies in the mount diameter, position, thickness, shape and size of these tabs. Measurements and trials were used to determine the best design to accommodate the different mounts.

What is it made of?

Our PK+MM is crafted from brass and chrome plated, exactly the same as the original manufacturer part.

Adaptist Pentax K Multi Mount kit for Pentax K mount conversion

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