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Reader Comment on Inquiries

See my Leica SL wish list and Leica M wish list at B&H Photo.

Unsolicited comment from subscriber Dale P:

I sent in some very specific questions about how to use the Leica SL camera Lloyd recommends, together with the Zeiss 35mm F1.4 M mount lens he recommends.

I couldn’t find the answers anywhere on the web, forums, etc. Seems like when you start with one brand camera and try to use it with a different brand lens, it can be tough to get clear answers from someone who actually has used them personally and knows from experience the answers.

Lloyd answered them within an hour. Helped solve a thorny problem.

DIGLLOYD: my time is always under pressure, but I make a point of answering subscriber questions, particularly those that are in scope of what is subscribed to (e.g., Leica questions for subscribers to Guide to Leica). For those needing a variety of answers and/or views on different systems, please engage me in consulting—lots of back and forth is too time consuming.

I have looked through my Zeiss ZM 35/1.4 images on the SL, and I think they are stunning without any correction or lens profile. The results outclass anything else I shot, as I hope to show with examples, the two I showed yesterday being picked at a glance prior to even looking at many more. Moreover the Zeiss ZM 35/1.4 Distagon has to my hands the best balance and feel on the SL of all M lenses. It matches the SL very well in size and heft, and with superior aperture ring and focusing grip and feel. An incredible value at about $2040 after rebate.

At present, I am officially neutral on the SL as a platform for M lenses—my recent shoot has many images, and there are some troublesome behaviors slowing me down greatly (raw conversion, focus matching, forced lens corrections, etc). It is going to take some time to do this all properly—even organizing images is taking a lot of time. It looks like I may have to “circle around” to the M240 to SL question after first looking at certain performance areas. Thanks to reader John G for helping me understand a troublesome white balance issue which appears to be a bug in ACR. And... my travel schedule is putting intense pressure on me. It may be mid July until I can get all the Leica SL work done properly. I don’t want to rush it.

Thanks to readers for using any of my B&H links or wish lists when buying gear.

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