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Sony A7R IV

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Reviewed: Anker Power Port Solar Lite 15W Solar Panel + Anker PowerCore 20100+ USB-C Charger + Fenix RC11 LED Flashlight

Anker Power Port Solar Lite 15W Solar Panel

See my solar and battery power charging wish list at B&H Photo.

Anker products are not carried by B&H Photo, but are available on Amazon: Anker solar, Anker battery.

See also Gear for the Mountains.

I previously reviewed the GOAL ZERO solar products. The GOAL ZERO offerings serve a different market, with a full range of solar and battery capacities up to huge.

The interest of mine threading through all this is in off-the-grid power for multi-day excursions, for electronics such as the Sony A7R II, a rechargeable flashlight, or an iPhone (for panoramas in the field), etc. Some GPS units are also USB-rechargeable.

The Anker Power Port Solar Lite 15W Solar Panel is a medium size portable solar panel weighing 355 grams. The Anker Power Port Solar Lite is both smaller and much lighter and about 1/4 the price of the GOAL ZERO Nomad 20 Solar Panel and thus highly portable.

Anker Power Port Solar Lite 15W Solar Panel

I have not finished testing the Anker Power Port Solar Lite, but I would say it’s an outstanding performer. However, it seems that if a little more weight can be carried (another 100 grams), that its 3-panel Anker Power Port Solar sibling might be preferred (3 amps instead of 2.1 amps).

Portable power

The Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C battery is a 20100 mAh battery (74 watt hours) specified to be able to fully charge an iP hone about 7 times, and to be capable of charging the 2016 Apple MacBook at 5V/2.4A. That’s a lot of power—the internal Apple Macbook battery is only 41.4 watt hours, while an Apple MacBook Pro Retina has about a 99 watt hour battery—so 74 Wh is a lot of charge.

I’m impressed with the size/weight and fit and finish and power output from the Anker PowerCore. That solar charging is an option is a big plus too, though Anker warns that this may take a while on a 15W solar panel—see my review and what I found out.

Anker PowerCore 20100 USB and USB-C Battery

Anker PowerCore 20100 USB and USB-C portable charger

Rechargeable LED lighting

The Fenix RC11 is amazingly bright-wow!

While my high power Lupine bike lights and flashlights are brighter and can run for hours, this pocket flashlight has 5 power levels including a super bright Turbo mode. I like the fact that it can be recharged with solar or portable power, as per the above items.

Fenix RC11 Palm-Size USB-rechargeable LED Flashlight

Fenix RC11 rechargeable LED flashlight

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