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Reader Comments: Really Right Stuff TFA-01 Ultra, Gimbal Head

Right Stuff TFA-01 Ultra Pocket Pod

See my discussion of the Really Right Stuff TFA-01 Ultra Pocket Pod.

Roy P writes:

BTW, after dragging my butt for a year on the Really Right Stuff TFA-01 mini tripod, I finally decided to get one. I hated the fact that it just splayed open to ground level, so I also bought the MTX Multi Tool that I thought I could use as a stem to raise the tripod. The MTX Multi Tool is handy and useful, but I still disliked the TFA-01.

Then as soon as I got back from Kenya, I saw you mentioned the Really Right Stuff TFA-01 Ultra Pocket Pod. I instantly called RRS. I was a tad over my 30-day return window, but they agreed to let me send back my TFA-01 and get the ultra for $22 more. The Ultra just arrived, and I love it! There are a lot of different ways I could use it.

Also, before my Kenya trip, I got the RRS PG-02 LR Pano-Gimbal head with the Really Right Stuff B2-LR-II clamp. This is exceptionally good, and it worked wonderfully well. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in wildlife photography.

What is really great about this gimbal head is, it has a slot at the top that you can plug a camera like a Sony RX10M3 that you can use to take 4K video, while you’re shooting stills with your Canon 1DX or Nikon D5 and some Ubertelelenz. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in safari / wildlife, both still and video. See the image below that shows the setup, from the RRS site. As you know, it is REALLY hard to switch from still to video in real time, or use the same camera for both still and video. This gimbal head is a terrific solution.

Last, but not least, I also highly recommend the RRS Multi Clamp, either with the flat surface adapter. If you NEVER, ever used it, it’s still worth getting it for the sheer enjoyment of how brilliantly this thing has been designed and engineered, a testament to human creativity!

DIGLLOYD: yup, the about $221 Really Right Stuff TFA-01 with BC-18 head is excellent. There are other variants available with different tripod heads or no head at all.

I prefer the screw-knob clamps for my work, particularly in cold weather, such as the Really Right Stuff B2-Pro-II. But each type has its pluses.

Really Right Stuff PG-02 LR: Pano-Gimbal Head w/ B2-LR-II

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