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ProCamera App for iPhone with DNG support and Many Useful Controls

I’m shooting more and more with the ProCamera app in raw/DNG on the iPhone 6S Plus (7 Plus still not arrived). It’s not quite as convenient as you do have to explicitly export the images to Camera Roll, but once you do, iPhotos downloads all the DNG (and/or JPEG) images from the Camera Roll. Of course, Photos is a steaming pile of yuck (it lacks very basic features such as being able to distinguish raw from JPEG without doing Get Info), but you can option-drag to copy the DNGs out of iPhotos into a folder, then have your way with them in Photoshop/ACR or Lightroom.

The image quality using DNG is easily superior under many conditions. In particular, shooting in DNG avoids the aggressive JPEG compression and baked-in white balance that the built-in Camera app has. There is, as always with raw, just a lot more flexibility. And in this case the color is not destroyed by shooting in sRGB as the iPhone Camera App is wont to do.

Pro Camera offers a wide range of controls for exposure control as well as a special options for taking the picture when motion is minimized, based on the gyro sensors in the iPhone (rather than just taking the image instantly regardless of movement and hoping optical image stabilization and/or multi-image merge will compensate). The result is better photos more of the time—less degradation from motion blur which is a regular challenge for me when shooting iPhone.

See also iPhone Panoramas.

About this trout: see An Exceptionally Beautiful Rainbow Trout Unlike Any Other I’ve Seen.

Closeup of very Colorful Rainbow Trout from Saddlebag Lake, 19.0 inches long
f2.2 @ 1/3000 sec, ISO 25; 2016-11-12 14:54:00
iPhone 6s Plus + iPhone 6s Plus back camera 4.15mm f/2.2 @ 29mm equiv (4.2mm)

[low-res image for bot]

Jason W writes:

By coincidence I downloaded ProCamera last night. It was chosen because I wanted to practice shooting 3:1 images with a rule of thirds grid overlay on my iPhone 6, and it was the only app I could find that allowed that. That there are also great manual controls just completes the package.

DIGLLOYD: many controls, too many sometimes, and awkward compared to a real camera—but that’s the iPhone way.

Jon L writes:

You don't have to screw around with Photos to download the files from Camera Roll. You can download the DNGs using the “Image” from Apple. You get to select the folder you want to dump the images into. Still have to load the entire Camera Roll though. All the way to the right of the window, if you click on the “kind” column header, it sorts THE ENTIRE CAMERA ROLL by kind.

Still messy, but avoids Photos.

Interestingly, the current version of Iridient Developer (3.1.2) seems to already have a preset for the iPhone 7+ DNG/RAW format.

DIGLLOYD: good tip! Unclear if there is an option to delete once downloaded.

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