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Camera Repair in Taiwan

Just passing this along as FYI for anyone in that neck of the woods.

Bryan S writes:

Thank you for the '2013 Camera Repair in Taiwan' post. I know it's been a few years but it is still helping. The shop fixed my Lumix at low cost and in just a few days.

DIGLLOYD: it’s nice to know such posts are useful. Prior post from 2013, with contact info for the shop.

Michael G writes in his 2013 post:

I'm in Taiwan this week for Computex. I brought along the Canon 7D that I just purchased. I got it second-hand and saved a bundle. But when I looked at some of my photos, I noticed a smudge in all of them! I used the sensor cleaning system with no luck... but when I locked up the mirror, I could see the smudge right on the sensor.

Is it dirt, dust or... did the guy sell me a camera with a broken sensor?

When I googled Taipei camera repair, nothing useful came up. I went to the camera area and found it by luck. I first went into a normal camera store. They blew in compressed air, without any luck. I then came across the "real" repair place by accident.

Luckily, I found the Quan Tai Camera Repair shop, at Number 60, BoAi Road, Taipei. It's easy to miss this shop... it's a hole in the wall on a street filled with large camera stores. (BoAi is the camera neighborhood in Taipei). When I walked in, I knew I was in the right place, because there were two techs repairing cameras, and one of them was deep inside a Hasselblad. I knew a Hasselblad owner wouldn't trust just anyone to repair his camera.

Sure enough, 30 minutes and $20 later, my sensor was de-smudged and dust-free. So there you go... if you're ever in Taiwan with a broken camera, Quan Tai is the place to go.

DIGLLOYD: well, it’s not exactly a repair in the mechanical sense, but comes pretty close.

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