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Sigma sd Quattro H Now Available for Pre-Order

See my wish lists at B&H Photo including my Sigma mirrorless wish list.

See my Dec 6 post discussing the Sigma sd Quattro H in detail and Sigma sd Quattro H Due in Mid January and in-depth reviews of the Sigma Art lenses and in-depth reviews of Sigma DP Merrill and Sigma dp Quattro cameras.

Sigma sd Quattro H

At about $1199, my prediction (based on using the APS-C-sensor Sigma sd Quattro) is that nothing for less than $2K is going to touch the detail produced by the Sigma sd Quattro-H. See what the Sigma sd Quattro can do with its APS-C sensor, or the dp Quattro cameras can do with an APS-C sensor.

Actually, the Sigma sd Quattro-H should approach (and perhaps exceed with certain subject matter) the resolution of the Nikon D810.

What a pity it cannot take Nikon F or Canon EF lenses directly instead of having to buy Sigma SA mount lenses—otherwise I’d just buy one outright—and I assume that many photographers might fall into that camp.

What I don’t know is whether Sigma will (a) use the APS-H sensor in a dp Quattro line (highly desirable but not very likely), or (b) whether Sigma will offer a Nikon-F mount or Canon EF mount version (highly unlikely).

All of the lenses below should be very fine performers on the Sigma sd Quattro-H, with most of the full-frame field curvature area cropped off on APS-H. Caution on pressing APS-C lenses into APS-H duty; these might “cover” the APS-H sensor (barely), but some will be good and some not so good.

CLICK TO VIEW: Sigma Art Lenses I recommend

Mark M writes:

If this body had a Sony E mount I would be all over it. Sigma already has an excellent Sigma to E adapter that could be packaged with or offered as a accessory for this body. The small and lightweight Loxias in particular would be ideal on this body, not to mention all the Zeiss CY and ZF.2s that I already have. I'm not going to duplicate a lens kit, and I'm not about to abandon Sony FE.

I am really surprised Sigma doesn't understand the advantage mirrorless offers users with its inherent flexibility of a very short lens register.

DIGLLOYD: I too would buy a Sony or Nikon mount sd Quattro-H outright if it were offered, and I think so would many other photographers once the resolving power were understood for its impressive merits.

What Sigma has failed to understand is that an sd Quattro-H in Sony and/or Nikon mount could be a first of several tactical offerings as part of a multi-year strategy to bust open the mirrorless and DSLR market by smashing the decades-old lens-mount quadrifurcation (is quintfurcation a word?). As it stands, there are too many hurdles working against the Sigma SA mount, starting with the fact that so many pros and prosumers do not want to buy yet one more set of lenses incompatible with other brands. Perhaps the reasoning is to sell Sigma SA mount lenses. But the Sigma Art lenses are strong, and I’d bet that Sigma would sell more Sigma Art lenses in Nikon and Canon and Sony mount if there were a sd Quattro-Hc, sd Quattro-Hn and sd-Quattro-Hs.

The Sony mount would be the best choice, because while I dislike adapters in general, it would allow Sony, Nikon, Canon and other lenses.

However, even if Sigma introduced a new SM mount ("Sigma Mirorrless") with short flange distance, that would at least allow allow Nikon and Canon and other DSLR lenses. The Sony E mount is almost certainly a patent problem, and so too the Nikon and Canon electronic coupling aspects of the mount, but not the Nikon F-mount itself, as I understand it.
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Apple 21.5" iMac with Retina 4K Display (Mid 2017)
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