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Reader Roy P Compares 25 or So 2016-model Binoculars

Back in 2010 I evaluated various binoculars.

Swarovski 8x25 pocket binocular

Roy P was on a mission to find just the right binocular for himself, and tried 25 or so different models. I gave him some pointers, but he then did an exhaustive evaluation:

Reader Comments: Evaluating 25+ Binoculars in late 2016

Binoculars at B&H Photo:

Jon L writes:

Thank you for reviewing binoculars. It seems that you're concentrating on high-end non-stabilized optics.

I rely on binoculars for coastal navigation and life became much easier once I invested in a high magnification binocular (14x42 Nikon) with optical stabilisation. Sure, it's very heavy and eats batteries, but it allows for certain identification of navigational marks at a distance, something that was always a challenge with the unstabilized 7x50 marine model I used previously.

A marine binocular must be able to tolerate some sea-spray and I guess that the resulting salt cover will affect optical quality. In terms of usefulness, this has never caused me to reach for my on-shore binocular (a Minolta) because the jittery image feels useless.

My binoculars are aging, however (all pre-2009), and I have noticed that Canon has now issued a whole range of stabilized units. I would like to see some independent review of these binoculars. Anything you can recommend?

DIGLLOYD: Some of the binoculars can take screw-in filters on the front objectives. Marine binoculars should be able to handle salt spray. I have not reviewed any binoculars since 2010.

Please see my 2010 reviews: Canon 10X42L IS WP Image Stabilized and Canon 18X50 IS WP Image Stabilized. Both have $500 instant rebates as I write this.

CLICK TO VIEW: Recommended Binoculars

Canon 18x50 IS Image Stabilized Binocular


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