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Is This the Year of Cool New Cameras?

Every vendor ought to be releasing something nifty this year. Maybe not all, but I can’t see how these vendors can stay in the game without at least announcing some major advance this year.

See my various wish lists at B&H Photo.


First off, if you’ve wanted a Sony A7R II, you can get $800 off plus the value of a trade-in: $300 instant rebate + $480 trade-in savings + the value of the trade-in camera. Other models have similar deals. See the trade-in deal page.

Which leads to this idea: why would such a large savings be offered unless something new is in the works from Sony, maybe several new cameras.

Might Sony introduce a medium format system later this year? With Fujifilm in the game, and Sony already having a low-to-high product range, it seems probable to me.

Hasselblad X system

My review of the Hasselblad X system is in full swing in Medium Format.

Fujifilm medium format

I expect to have a Fujifilm GFX as part of the first arrival batch on March 1st or thereabouts. The review will join the Hasselblad X system review in Medium Format.

Nikon D810 replacement?

The Nikon D810 is now down to about $2796 (USA warranty version), much lower on Ebay if you are willing to take on the risk of gray market repair issues (I’m not recommending that). Production has reportedly ceased, begging the question of what comes next: a Nikon D820 or D900 with a higher-res sensor with equivalent per-pixel quality? Dare we hope for at least one optional high-res EVF or an F-mount mirrorless camera, possibly with a slightly larger than 35mm sensor?

Are Nikon and Canon going to ignore the serious risk of the high-end migrating to the Fujifilm GFX system and thus eviscerating an avid group of D810 users? Or perhaps are they, particularly Nikon, just going to fade away and die?


Canon ought to be due for some kind of high-end DSLR, if only to improve sensor quality over the Canon 5Ds R.

Pentax and Ricoh

Seems to me its time for Pentax to take the excellent Pentax 645Z system and make a mirrorless camera. And for Ricoh to make a full-frame Ricoh GR.


Leica seems to be a dead end. A dead S-system. An abandoned M system. An overpriced SL system with lenses that don’t ship. Only a small market for platypus scrotum M cameras. Game over there unless someone capable of strategic thinking takes the helm. Exception: the Leica Q is true to mission as is the new M10 (even though it disappoints me in resolution and EVF). More of that, and Leica can get back on track.

Panasonic and Olympus

The Panasonic GH5 sets a new bar for 4K video. The Olympus E-M1 II is the best-ever still-shooter M4/3 camera.

And... Apple

The iMac 5K is overdue for a refresh. I’d sure like to see an iMac 8K 32-inch model. The Mac Pro is long overdue for a refresh. Ditto for the MacBook and MacBook Air and MacMini.

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