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Button Enhancement for Sony Mirrorless Cameras

See my Sony mirrorless wish list.

I’m not shooting Sony right now, but the add-on “ButtonBumps” may make finding the Sony buttons by touch easier. I’ll try them when I pick up the A7R II for review work next month.

I don’t have much use for the hot-shoe cover thing (I just lose mine right away!), but the DisplayLifter may be helpful to some.

The main thing I’ve found with many a camera is that operationally, buttons are not distinct enough by feel (size, spacing, placement). Raised buttons via the stick-on ButtonBumps might help as tactile “landmarks” for fingers. Several such products have been made for Leica M cameras.

ShutterBands enhancement kit for Sony E-mount cameras

Jason W writes:

I've been using button bumps on my A7R for over a year and am very happy with them. They clearly improved the operation of the camera, especially with gloves on, when Sony's idiotic flat buttons become nearly unpressable. Canon buttons are often rounded off in this convex shape and Sony should take note. Haptics matter.

DIGLLOYD: yes, haptics matter as do “visual haptics” (a contradiction in terms except perhaps for those with synaesthesia, but visual interaction has a feel of sorts to me). That is, EVF and rear LCD resolution color and contrast, which is one reason why the Fujifilm GFX seems so appealing with its three high-res displays. Ditto for EVF in general.

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