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Things I Plan on Reviewing in the next few months

I’ve gotten several inquiries on what I plan on reviewing.

I know that many readers are not medium format shooters, but when a new product category appears, it is necessarily a high priority (Fujifilm GFX and Hasselblad X1D). Medium format also provides a valuable perspective on state of the art image quality. I am hoping that another vendor (Sony?) throws a hat into the ring too. Medium format coverage will be settling down soon, though rumor has it that Fujifilm will be releasing the 23mm f/4 and 110mm f/2 lenses next week, so those will enter the review mix as soon as I get get ahold of them.

I have already reviewed the Zeiss Batis 135mm f/2.8 APO-Sonnar, but I plan on working with it more when I get a production copy.

Shown below are items I plan on reviewing in the next two months or so. I am open to other suggestions, as always, the deciding factors being (a) reader interest that will drive subscriptions and (b) new or unique capabilities.

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The Leica M10 with its new EVF will probably be June, availability being an issue (update 20 June 2017: availability is severely constrained but I have an angle on getting an M10 for a few weeks). A key question I want to answer is just how it compares to the M240 (form factor aside)—is its image quality better than the Leica M240, or just different—and is different better in all ways?

I’m disappointed at being stuck at 24 megapixels, even if the extra resolution were only to avoid moiré and color aliasing and other digital artifacts. Leica has made the classic mistake of assuming that its existing user base is the only viewpoint—if Apple had done this we’d all still be using flip phones instead of smart phones. It takes vision and leadership to move a product category forward, and so far Leica’s vision has been a disappointing failure. I see the M10 as a nice improvement over the M240 (an assumption at this point, based on specs), but it offers nothing really new. It is incrementalism costing $6600 on top of an $8000 investment in the M240. Hard to swallow, for me at least—that Leica does nothing to improve the M240 experience after 3+ years.

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