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FOR SALE Lloyd’s Own Lenses: Zeiss, Leica, Voigtlander, Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Rodenstock, Schneider (price drop and additions)

I’d rather just keep a growing collection, but that’s just not feasible, for both space and financial reasons—I constantly have to be working with the newest lenses for my publications. There is no ROI (return on investment) for lenses that I rarely or ever need for my publications. Plus the ongoing insurance costs are negative ROI, plus I have to buy certain new gear each year. It’s time to clean house on some very good lenses.

  • All lenses here are “good samples” as far as my testing has determined; I never keep bad samples.
  • Nearly all are with original box and packaging (all that stuff up in the attic, I never throw away boxes).
  • My reputation is more important to me than any sale. I would never knowingly sell any gear with an issue. It’s that simple—just not worth it. Local buyers welcome to inspect firsthand.
  • All my glass tends to be pristine. If I see any kind of optical marring, I will note it prior to final sale.
  • Please note that new lenses have dust inside! Used lenses always have some dust, even after a week or two of use. NONE of my gear has ever gone to Burning Man or anything 1/10 that extreme.
  • Overseas is just too much of a hassle, but if payment is made I can hold a lens until buyer visits my area.

LNIB = Like New in Box

Payment as agreed upon. Buyer pays FedEx 3 day shipping and buyer is responsible for California sales tax, if applicable. Local inspection/pickup if you are close to Palo Alto, CA.

Nikon mount

All Nikon lenses are original USA models—no gray market. Zeiss sales are because I have the Milvus replacements for the lenses I’m selling. These are all excellent samples, some particularly so.

  • Nikon 45mm f/2.8 ED PC-E Micro Nikkor $1199. Shows some wear, but perfect glass and mechanical.
  • Nikon AF 105mm f/2D DC-Nikkor $925 LNIB
  • Nikon 50-300mm f/4.5 ED AIS, excellent glass $650
  • Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art $600
  • Hartblei 80mm f/2.8 SuperRotator (Zeiss multicoated optics) — king of bokeh, hand picked sample with lens hood like new in Pelican case $2500.
  • Zeiss ZF.2 18mm f/3.5 Distagon $840
  • Zeiss ZF.2 21mm f/2.8 Distagon $1150
  • Zeiss ZF.2 35mm f/1.4 Distagon $1100
  • Zeiss ZF.2 35mm f/2 Distagon $799
  • Zeiss ZF.2 50mm f/2 Makro-Planar $850
  • Zeiss ZF.2 100mm f/2 Makro-Planar $1399 (particularly outstanding copy with superb symmetry at distance)
  • Voigtlander Color-Skopar 28mm f2.8 SL II with lens hood LNIB $450.
  • Voigtlander Ultron 40mm f/2 SL II with lens hood LNIB $325.

Canon mount

All Canon lenses are original USA models—no gray market.

  • Canon EF 15mm f/2.8 fisheye $525
  • Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM $400 LNIB
  • Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II $1300 excellent (lens hood has scratches, but lens body is clean, glass perfect).
  • Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L $560
  • Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM, very lightly used, in box $1350.
  • Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L II USM, LNIB, in box $1450
  • Zeiss ZE 21mm f/2.8 Distagon: $1225 LNIB
  • Zeiss ZF.2 35mm f/1.4 Distagon $1100 LNIB
  • Zeiss ZE 50mm f/2 Makro-Planar: $975 LNIB
  • Zeiss ZE 100mm f/2 Makro-Planar: $1375 LNIB


  • Olympus E-M1 with Really Right Stuff L bracket + Panasonic DMC-GF3 $899.
  • Olympus Super HIgh Grade (SHG) lenses (set of three, mint): 7-14mm f/2, 14-35mm f/2, 35-100mm f/2 with two MMF-3 lens adapters for Micro Four Thirds: $3900 Great choice for videographers. These are the most highly corrected lenses that Olympus makes.


Sigma dp Merrill set of 3 (28/45/75 equivalent) with 7 batteries and fits-all case. $1200.


All Leica lenses are original USA models—no gray market.

  • Leica 28mm f/2 Summicron-M ASPH (prior version but 6-bit coded) $2900. My testing showed no meaningful difference vs the 2016 version.
  • Leica 28mm f/2.8 Elmarit-M ASPH (6-bit coded) $1750.
  • Leica 50mm f/2 APO-Summicron-M ASPH black $6800 like new in original box with paper wrap. I was told by Leica that this was a hand-picked best of batch sample (chosen for me as replacement from original problem run of the 50/2 APO).
  • Leica 180mm f/2.8 APO-Elmarit-R like new in box original owner. $MAKE_OFFER

Rodenstock and Schneider view camera lenses

All on Linhof Technikardan lens boards, copal shutters.

  • Rodenstock 135mm f/5.6 APO-Sironar-S Copal shutter + Linhof Technikardan lens board $MAKE_OFFER PRISTINE
  • Schneider 400mm f/5.6 APO-TELE-XENAR Copal shutter+ Linhof Technikardan lens board $MAKE_OFFER PRISTINE
  • Fujifilm Fujinon A 240mm f/9
  • Linhof Tecknikdan 4 X 5 View camera with quickload holders and various mounting boards.
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Storage Wishlist…

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