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Reader Question on Sprinter Van Project

Sprinter cargo van,
before windows and upfit

See reasons for my choice in My Sprinter Van Project and in detail in my Sprinter Mobile Photography Adventure Van area.

Reader Jordan Y writes with questions all potential Sprinter owners might have:

Will the dealer negotiate, or do they get MSRP as listed on the sheets? May I ask where you had the most success with nationwide inventory for these Sprinters?

Also, can you purchase tax free from NV, or is the tax going to be due in any case?

Thank you for all of your detailed planning in this project. You can be sure others will benefit from this project. It translates into a just about any other activity (MTB, fishing, camping, traveling, whatever).

It is regrettable that that the price of entry is so high, but this Sprinter is in a class by itself. VW never came up with a van for the US market. And the domestics are slow to respond with a clean, new design. Maybe the cost isn’t so bad. All new vehicles are quite expensive. $40k is the new $30k, and so on. I am astounded that the additional 280 amp alternator costs what it does. $1600 wow. In any case this is great. Can’t wait to see it rolling along.

DIGLLOYD: see Choosing, Finding and Buying a Mercedes Sprinter Van.

My Sprinter van saga will span at least 100 pages eventually, I’m sure, including all sorts of stuff once it is built up. I support my family via my work here, it’s getting very difficult, and I’m making the Sprinter info free, so anyone I’ve helped might consider subscribing or anything else.

There is no real competition for the Sprinter flexibility and build quality and options: 4x4 option alone is just missing other brands, a stronger roof, the outstanding and well-proven Mercedes 3.0L turbo diesel engine—other vans cannot compete in any realistic sense.

Realistically, a nice Sprinter build is $54K plus tax plus upfitting (the 4x4 option is $7500 all by itself, it requires the 3.0L 6 cylinder engine). Which is why I have to sell my Cayenne and why I am staying lean and mean on the upfitting. As some perspective, I also considered the Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro at $44K MSRP (and frequently sells above that price), so I see huge value in the Sprinter versus a well regarded offroad-capable SUV. The Sprinter is a 10 year investment (at least).

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