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Sony A7R II Repaired via Sony Pro Services

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Update: Sony pro services is expanding its support in USA and Canada.

Update: due to travel, I did not check the camera until today (reminder to myself: never assume a fix is done until tested and verified). The A7R II is NOT fixed; they forgot to investigate my 3rd issue with it.


In Sony A7R II Out for Minor Repairs I noted the issues with my A7R II.

I’ve been a member of Sony Professional Services for two years and never needed service for it before, but the A7R II had become problematic and no longer viable for my work. Repair work is actually performed by Precision Camera Repair, which is fine by me.

I received a phone call within a day of the camera getting there. The representative was courteous and efficient, told me the cost and details and this was all good—I was pleased with the service.

I’m glad I took action and sent it in. While the bill for the work is $388 (discounted as a Sony Professional Services member), I think this is more than fair given the work to be done:

  • Two stubborn specks on the sensor turned out to be damaged sensor cover glass. So the sensor cover glass is to be replaced. Something about “foreign substance inside the camera” (not identified). That’s certainly possible after regular use in the field over two years, but I am baffled as to how two small nicks were made in the glass—not easy to do. Or maybe they are not nicks but something very hard and sticks—unclear.
  • The mode dial was failing; for about two weeks I could not get out of aperture priority.
  • The camera kept popping out of magnified Live View 3 or 4 times minute, which drove me nuts; this turned out to be a bad internal circuit board.
  • A few other things were found.
  • Complete cleaning inside and out.

I am told the camera will be “just like new” when it returns. I should have the camera back Monday or Tuesday.

Sony A7R II

Ross J writes:

Glad to hear of your good interaction with the Sony repair dept. Contrast it to Leica. I sent an M9 body in with a cracked sensor glass. No idea how it happened, and it could have been there since I received it, and I just never checked because the pictures seemed fine.

It was picked up when I tried to trade it in at BH Photo. Received an email when it arrived at Leica. Nothing for 2 months. E-mailed them and no answer after 2 weeks. Phoned them and was told that this is a known problem and they will have it for a total of 4-5 months, even though the repair is being done here in the US, and it does not need to be sent to Germany.

The only good news it that the repair will be free. You wonder how I would manage if I was a professional (which I am not) and needed this for regular use, and I would certainly think twice staying with a Leica system (which I am not).

Thank goodness for the D850, I hope your evaluation lives up to the hope and the hype.

DIGLLOYD: I hear stories like this regularly from highly credible people like Ross.

John A writes:

Further to your item about Sony service and the reader’s comment about that I would add this. I have read many comments about apparently poor service from Sony but on the one occasion that I have needed to use that service it has been excellent. I recently needed to send a Sony RX1r for out of warranty service to the local Sony subcontractor in Toronto. It was returned within 10 days with 2 circuit boards replaced and general check over for the cost of $360 Canadian (circa 280 US) and works fine.

However the best bit is that a camera which ate batteries at an annoying rate - two or more per day - is transformed to one that can be left, with batteries in, for a week in the drawer and still have full/100% batteries ready for use ! Regardless of the reasons for sending the camera in for repair I would have paid that amount happily to get this change in battery life !

I know not why nor how and the repair centre can offer no reason for this change - just thought that it was interesting and might be worth passing this info on.

PS— I have been a subscriber for a number of years and value your no nonsense, no holds barred, practical, totally impartial and disinterested reporting, reviews and comments - a godsend in a world of fanboys and commercially influenced websites … long may you continue.

DIGLLOYD: that’s a very interesting comment on battery life; my A7R II eats batteries too, albeit at a much slower rate. Still, after a week the battery might be half empty.

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