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Sony A7R II: Sony Cannot Reproduce Issues with my Unusable A7R II

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Sony pro services is expanding its support in USA and Canada, but I am nowhere near a walk-in center (Los Angelese is 350 miles away).

Back in mid-September I reported on the lingering issues with my Sony A7R II that made the camera unusable to me. I sent it into Sony Pro Services, and they worked on it trying hard to reproduce the issues (with Sony lenses), and say they cannot reproduce any issue—yet I had multiple issues that make the camera unusuable.

I’ve been without a usable A7R II for a month now.

Sony stated that 3rd party lenses like Zeiss Loxia and Zeiss Batis are not supported. If this is indeed true and the combination of Sony + Zeiss Loxia/Batis is indeed a problem, then that would be a disaster for many users.

It’s hard to believe though—I’ve shot them Zeiss Loxia and Zeiss Batis on Sony since they came out and I have heard no reports of other uses having an issue. If true, it would render the Sony system a non-starter for me, with a huge sunk investment made useless.

The A7R II now sits at my home, but I am away in the mountains. When I am home I will re-test it and maybe it will miraculously behave. If not, I have a useless $12K system (camera and lenses). I have a friend with some Sony lenses so I can cross-check that also.

There was a Sony firmware update in August or so: maybe Sony screwed the pooch?

I hope that Sony reconsiders this anti-customer position that Zeiss Loxia and Zeiss Batis or any other non-Sony lenses are unsupported on Sony cameras.

I expect Sony to give me a working A7R II one way or another.

Saumilu V writes:

You mention that "I have heard no reports of other uses having an issue"

In Fred Miranda forum we few people having the same issue with Voigtländer 65 APO, see few last pages (starting page 47) of Voigtländer 65 APO-thread. (link to page 47)
Do not bother reading anything below if you read page 47 and 48, they are all from there.

Link to 1st post complaining of this:

DIGLLOYD: dang, it might be a general Sony problem it seems.

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