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Reader Comment: Focus Stacking + Time Efficiency with Photography

Chuck T writes:

Your FOCUS STACKING articles are inspirational. I was always confused about whether you needed to change the focus point in a "linear" fashion, or as you suggested, by reviewing what you are looking at and choosing the critical points you wish to be sharpest. Knowing that even a 2-3 frame stack can be a real improvement is also helpful as I had thought you needed a minimum of several images to get significant improvements. These are not only useful, but speed up the process at all points (shooting, uploading, editing, waiting for the computer, etc.).

You don't come out and mention this specifically, but one of your "teaching points" is to become more time efficient at all points of photography. At the same time, my technique and quality is also improving. Because you don't mention this (or at least not often), it only is clear when I "do it my way" and then, "do it Lloyd's way". Time is almost always saved doing it Lloyd's way. I still get better photographic performance, but time, is a strong point for spending the money on your website. Who doesn't want to spend less time on the photographic details rather than finding more places/chances to take the next shot.

Thanks for being so darn detail-oriented. I can honestly say I have learned more from you and your website than any of the books or classes or DVD's or web-videos I've seen/read. It's not that I haven't learned from the other sources but they never go through one subject so thoroughly as you do. It doesn't matter if we are talking about a lens, a camera, or a technique.

Thanks again, and, just for the record, YOU are not allowed to retire (your website updates & blogs is what I would miss the most) until I retire from photography (this could be a while).

DIGLLOYD: wow. :)

Focus stacking IMO is a mandatory skill for any landscape photographer, particularly with cameras like the D850.

See also Nikon D850: 'Focus Shift Shooting' Feature is a Reason by Itself to buy the Nikon D850 — Saves Time, Guarantees Peak Quality.

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